Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 ep 20

The show has finally confirmed what we all thought would happen – All Might is going to die at some point. That wasn’t such a huge surprise since the show had already hinted at this before. What was interesting about this episode is that All Might withheld this piece of information when he sat Midoriya down for a talk.

The kids are all back in school after their internships and it was nice seeing them back in a school setting. It also gave Midoriya a chance to show off his new skills during one of the lessons which not only impressed his classmates, but also All Might who was seeing his control for the first time. One For All is shaping out to be quite the fun quirk. Midoriya is only using 5% at the moment and it has improved his mobility quite a lot as we saw from this training. It makes me wonder what else this quirk can do especially if more of its power was used.

And then the gritty stuff comes in. All Might sits Midoriya down and gives him the background on One For All and how it all came to be. As with many things, the good and evil are connected. All For One was a quirk that came about when quirks first started appearing. It gave its user the ability to steak quirks and redistribute them. One For All came about when the owner of All For One forcefully tried to give his brother a super strength quirk; stockpiling. The thing was his brother already had a quirk which was the ability to pass itself onto someone else. So, the two quirks basically combined to form One For All. He couldn’t stop the All For One user but hoped someone in the future would be able to and that turned out to be All Might, or it should have been. As it turns out the guy is still around.

Midoriya’s response to this was way too positive. He jumped straight up exclaiming he’d fight this guy when the time comes if that’s what All Might wants. This is exactly what stops All Might revealing everything and anything about himself. Midoriya wasn’t seeing the full picture. That fight couldn’t have gone easy for All Might yet Midoriya doesn’t really think about it. He believes in the Symbol of Peace just like everyone else. And All Might doesn’t want to disappoint. He was unable to tell this starry eyed kid the truth about himself. This just goes to show how much of a burden being a symbol can be. He has to keep this perfect image even to those close to him, including his student and inheritor which in itself, is destructive. I don’t know who to feel sorry for: All Might for having to keep quiet and continue as if nothing is happening or Midoriya who believes everything will work out because All Might will always be around.

This was all wrapped up around the little charming stuff like Midoriya proclaiming “I’m Deku” and Mineta;s failure to peep at the girls (this was just too funny!). Even the conversation between All Might and Midoriya started off quite light-hearted before leaning into the seriousness of the situation. It made for a really nice balance within the episode, especially with the after credit scene showing the All For One user vowing to make his return through Shigaraki. This makes so much sense. If the next generation is taking over for All Might, it’s just as right to see the same being the case for the villains. It’s time for the old lads to take a backseat whilst the young uns come out to fight.

It looks like we’re heading into the final arc for this season and though that makes me sad, I can’t wait to see how this one plays out. I doubt we’re going to learn more about All For One this season but that means we have something to look forward to for next season.


  1. […] Keiko’s Anime Blog had a great post about whether Stain’s Ideology Fits in a world Where Being a Hero is A Job. Having just been considering the role of hero and villain and the ideologies present in the world of My Hero Academia for my own post on the subject, I’ve been really fascinated by how different people have taken their interpretation or discussions about what is happening in the show or what the implications are. Anyway, if you want a really great post about My Hero Academia and the rules that govern the world and its ideals, check out Keiko’s. You can also check out a review of season 2, episode 20. […]

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  2. I think this episode was amazing in how it dealt with that interaction between Midoriya and All Might. It really makes you wonder how much longer before the show shuffles All Might out of the picture and just how Midoriya will deal with that when it happens. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    • The way that conversation was handled was definitely really good. It does bring that foreboding feeling to the forefront. I’m wondering how everyone and Midoriya will deal with it. With the way All Might said it, it doesn’t seem like Midoriya will be ready to be the symbol before All Might dies. There’s going to be a huge hole left and what will that mean for everyone? I think it’s going to be fascinating seeing how this plays out.
      My pleasure! 🙂

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