Kokkoku ep 1 & 2

Two episodes in, and Kokkoku is still pretty much a mystery. Whilst the first episode set up the characters and started off the main plot, the second episode introduced the stasis world but a lot of things still remain a mystery and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

Juri, the protagonist, and her family are quite the characters. Without even showing them off for too long, what they are like is established. Juri wants to get a job and leave her family and that’s totally understandable since most of them are good for nothings. Her father and brother basically sit at home doing nothing whatsoever. Her grandad is somewhat excusable since he is old but still, this family really is a bit of a lost cause. As Juri points out, the only decent people in this family are her older sister, who is working in order to raise her child, and her nephew, Makoto who is just a child.

Makoto’s kidnapping was weird to say the least since Tsubasa was with him and the whole scenario was a bit bizarre. However, the kidnapping itself is not of any consequence because the main point Is the reason. They demand a huge amount of money in a very short time, knowing this family can’t pay that much. This much becomes obvious once they enter the stasis. The house does end up in a panic at first until Jisan steps up and shows them the rock that can stop time. It seems like Juri has experienced this before, but forgot about it so she is somewhat familiar with it whereas her father is completely thrown by it. What becomes clear once they enter the stasis is that they aren’t the only ones who can move. Cultish people turn up, who are the actual instigators behind the kidnapping and it turns out they want nothing to do with Makoto or Tsubasa but actually want Jisan and the stone he possesses since that is the Master Stone which is probably more powerful than the stone they possess.

Once they enter the Stasis, they make their leisurely way to where the kidnappers are whilst Jisan explains this whole world which continues on in the second episode. I guess the best way to explain this world is a stasis because time has stopped here for everyone except for those who can move. It’s as Jisan explains, a single shot from a movie reel. So, if they exit from this stasis, and initiate it again, they’d be in a complete different world because they’d be in a different shot of a movie reel. That makes a lot of sense. However, as Jisan points out, the thing that can’t be explained is how the cult lot ended up in the same stasis as them. The rock and cameras Jisan finds in the cult lot’s hideout does provide some hints in that maybe these guys just timed everything perfectly down to the millisecond. Sounds almost impossible to me but who knows?

A lot of world building was done in the second episode to further explain how this works. Only the people who were touching the stone at the time are able to move, everyone else is basically frozen in time. However, it turns out you can’t really go around harming the people that are frozen as is proven by the guy who threatens to kill Makoto. Makoto can’t move since he didn’t touch the stone so he is just like everyone else; frozen. This is when this huge monster thing appears and literally crushes his head (?). Well, he kills him so that’s the end of that. As it turns out that monster was The Handler, something of a caretaker or something. He only appears when someone breaks the rules of the world and attacking someone who is frozen seems to be something they can’t do. Jisan also reveals that this Handler shouldn’t actually attack them since he is supposed to be from their family tree. Turns out Handlers are basically beings who have remained in the Stasis for way too long. However, Jisan is not sure if this Handler will protect them since he showed no real inclination to that effect.

The only slight suggestion we get is that jellyfish thing that came from the Handler and went into Tsubasa allowing him to move. Something similar happened in the opening of the first episode where something that looked very similar to the Handler reached out to a girl, who could them move in the Stasis whilst everyone else was frozen. That instance does beg the question as to who initiated the Stasis at that time? Now, with Tsubasa moving, it could be argued that Jisan and Juri have one more person they can rely on but, Tsubasa has no clue as to what’s going on and is on is planning to take Makoto to the hospital.

The other thing we learn about the Stasis is that some people have powers. Jisan can teleport from one place to another though he can’t teleport long distance nor can he completely control it. Juri can’t teleport and as Jisan points out it’s to do with the jellyfish thing that entered them. I’m guessing Juri has one inside her as well since she’s been here before but it’s that hers isn’t teleportation. I do wonder what Tsubasa’s is then as well.

Anyways, Jisan sends Juri to get the Master Stone so that they can return to the normal world and then re-enter the stasis and save the family that way. Only problem is, when Juri gets to her house, the Master Stone isn’t there and instead she’s attacked by the cult lot. The girl that appears who is with the cult has been to this world before and knows Juri’s family. Now that’s interesting. Who is she and why does she know the family in the first place? Turns out Jisan might be slightly too late because Juri’s powers are about to awaken.

From this, it’s clear the show doesn’t plan to give us much when it comes to the characters or what the Stasis truly is. The characters don’t seem to have much of a clue and neither is the show interested in that. So far, the show has been building intrigue but nothing else. Part of me want to know what will happen but I can see this show getting boring pretty quickly with the way things are.



  1. There’s definitely the possibility for this to be really interesting but at the same time I’m already quite concerned that we aren’t going to get any decent explanations for things and that is going to just leave a really bad taste. And unfortunately, this managed to get me curious which usually means I’m going to watch it even if it ends up falling apart or becoming dull because I kind of want to know whether we will get a satisfying conclusion in the end.

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    • Totally agree with you. There is a very interesting concept here but so far, the explanations or character developments just haven’t been satisfactory really so I’m not sure what to expect with this show. Oh well we can stick it out and see where this goes and hopefully it won’t be outright terrible.

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