Time for episode two! TPAB and I both enjoyed this episode and we had quite a lot to talk about! It’s interesting to see how our thoughts differed on certain aspects, especially the direction we want the anime to take.I’m quite interested to see where this anime ends up going! 🙂 


what did you think of the episode?


I liked this episode. There were quite a few moments that made me laugh. What about you?


I love this episode. I love this anime in general. Did you get the gawd damn subtext of the flower?

I hate flower language

Akira 5.jpg


I had to search it up lol 😂

I am aware that pink gerberas are really popular flowers but apparently they mean innocence and cheerfulness. Pretty cute lol Hahaha I’m alright with flower language :’) It’s pretty interesting


it’s deep cakes. a bit revealing too, actually. wait, lemme share it.

Gerbera Daisies have several meanings, but all lean to happiness. 1The Egyptian meaning of gerberas is closeness to nature and devotion to the sun. The Celts believed that the gerbera would lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life. Any type of daisy equals truth or happiness of children. It is thought that if someone gives a gift of covered gerbera daisies that it symbolizes they are hiding something.

Pink: admiration, adoration or high esteem

it’s the girl in general. so yeah, it is just admiration 😕

at least on her end.


Oh wow that is deep 😮

And true the meaning fits Tachibana pretty well.

Admiration is what she has for the Manager so it works in that respect at least.


this is why I hate flower language

gawd damn visual subtexts


Hahaha well at least it teaches us new things so there is that I guess


I picked up on it immediately, and was a bit disheartened that she likes pink gerberas. so you think they won’t get it on?


Why were you disheartened?

Nope. I feel like, especially from this episode, the show is more about Tachibana’s admiration for the Manager and what that means. Rather than thinking about whether or not they’ll end up together, I think I’m just going to enjoy watching their interactions lol :’)

Are you more interested in what will happen with their relationship then?


Yeah, I’m interested on how their relationship will blossom, because it will happen. I hope it does, but we’re still not on equal footing. the manager is still that “weird old guy with dad jokes” so the flower language tells a lot.

BUT she confessed! and he feigned ignorance, right? what do you think?

Akira and Kondo 4


We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of their relationship then!

He sure is. I love his character. There were so many funny moments in this episode because of that. Like how he was panicking over Tachibana and all. Ahh true. In that regard the flower language does reveal more.

Akira and Kondo 3

That was very well handled I think. See, with how the Manager was presented in this episode, he seemed to care for Tachibana more as a paternal figure than anything, especially with how worried he was. But at the same time, I feel like he is aware of her feelings especially because of that shirt sniffing scene. It’s unclear whether he realised what she actually meant but it was well played. I feel like that was the right thing to do really and it fits with his character.


I think he’s old enough to know that the girl likes him, but he is concerned about the age thing. I actually like that about him. he intentionally comes off as goofy to make sure others lower their guard. but her feelings are slowly intensifying, so I think he’ll have to confront it soon.

but it means being at her level : a girl in love with a guy, which is really the fun part.

also, yeah, he is being a caring dad. it’s also telling that when he said “I wanna apologize to your parents”, she goes “mom’s at work” and I was like “where is dad?” and oh noes.

also, where is wife? manager seems to have a lot of free time too. (edited)


Yeah I think he knows too. It would be wierd if he didn’t considering how obvious Tachibana is. I mean he is a dad with no self-confidence so the goofy act does a pretty neat job of covering up that lack of self-confidence don’t you think?

I guess so. I mean he can’t ignore her feelings forever. I like how the show has opted to show us the girl’s point of view. It’s a nice perspective if you ask me. That’s true. I’m guessing it’s just her and her mother? And with the Manager, they said in the first ep that he’s divorced so I can see why he has a lot of free time.


I think the “no confidence” thing is an act, like he fits that role in the environment he works in. I do believe he’s a different character once we peel the layers.

and I forgot he was divorced. and he has the child? not the mom? I always thought she was dead. hahaha. me romanticizing the anime. xD

and that’s kinda how it goes. girl’s point of view for now, and then we’ll see his point of view to level them into the boy and girl story stripped of age. aren’t you excited?


Really? What makes you say that? I feel like the guy really has no confidence. I mean he gets pushed around by literally everyone, customers and workers alike.

Yeah he’s divorced lol. Just him and his kid. Hahaha 😂

It would be cool to get his side. See what’s going on in his head. Though I think most of the story will be from Tachibana’s point of view.

I don’t think they age barrier will ever be stripped. It stares at you in the face so I don’t see that going away nor do I see the show diving head first into a romance. I mean I don’t class this as a romance since it’s exploring adolescent admiration. Well, that’s what it looks like at this stage. I don’t know what will happen later on though.

Hmm I’m not sure if I’m excited but I am enjoying the show a lot! I really like it!


he is being pushed around, but he is also the manager. you don’t get leadership over everyone else if you truly couldn’t handle them, right? so I think it’s just that he is old enough to know when to step back while also being in charge. xD

oh, you don’t want a romantic story out of this anime? I think it’s really cute, so I want to see it go further. like, what flower language does the guy have? I wanna know that, at least.

it’s funny that I’m looking ahead, lol. but I guess I just see the potential if the romantic road was taken. but yeah, the atmosphere is still “cute” and light hearted so it’s still up in the air.

aw, the age gap is still bothersome? is it weird I have zero problem with it? hahaha. but yeah, it is admiration for now, and it’s perfectly presented, but it’d turn stale if the show doesn’t graduate from that, right?


True lol he probably has a lot of experience under his belt. Maybe. I still feel like there is some lack of confidence there.

Nope. I feel like that would be a step in the wrong direction.

Really?! I feel like that might be a tad too controversial because of the age gap.

Hmm I would like to see the Manager’s point of view on things but I think romance territory might be too far.

Yeah lol. I mean I see where you’re coming from. This show could take the romance road if it wants to. There is a possibility there. I’m just not that keen on it. True say. I like the current atmosphere of the show :’) Yeah it is. Because, like it’s not unheard of for such an age gap to result in an abusive relationship. It’s hard to see how it would ever work. I don’t think it’s weird lol. I guess you just want some forbidden romance to come out of this anime lol.

True. I think they’ve done a pretty good job in presenting Tachibana’s feelings. I’m sure the show will move beyond admiration because as you said, it could go stale if that’s all the show was but, I feel like it would be interesting if the show explored adolescent admiration and infatuation and what that is and means rather than take this down the romance road.


ok, interesting, can we just establish what the “romance” is we’re talking about. for me, it’s still the cute and light atmosphere, but they’re dating. future episodes will be about how their relationship is perceived by others. but yeah, lol, I like the potential of the story, since it’s rarely explored in anime, and I do want this forbidden romance to go places conventional anime doesn’t travel (but very relevant in manga).

abusive? anime rarely gets abusive though. especially romance anime. this is josei, so it’s really just a mature romance story. I think. wait, where is your vision of this anime headed? xD

I think they could stretch the adoration theme if more characters are introduced, and it turns into a giant story about relationships. we are still in the second episode, but I just love how it turns the cogs in my head. xD


Same for me. Dating = romance here and I just don’t see that happening at all.

Oh I see where you want it to go but I don’t want it to go there at all.

Where do I want this show to go? Well, exactly as the title says: Love is like after the rain. This is a bittersweet experience for Tachibana, something that will teach her but not remain. Part of love and admiration as a youth is that it teaches you lessons even if the love is not realised. That’s what I want this show to be. Rather than take the relationship route, I’d rather it present the bittersweet nature of this admiration Tachibana holds for the Manager and that it can never truly be realised.

That’s true lol. This show really has your mind spinning huh


ahahaha. really? it’d be too bad if all the beautiful subtleness isn’t paid off with some romantic progress. so the age gap does bother you, and it really doesn’t for me. gawd, I’m weird.

ah, wonderful analysis cakes. but if it’s a lesson to be learned, wouldn’t it be better if it’s a “better to have loved and lost” thing than just a one sided admiration? I’m really pushing for some romance but yeah, I guess a “what if” story is good too. but we have ten more episodes to keep that theme strong without any romance. I doubt it, really.

yes, I love this show. TPAB: the reviewer is very much alive. you seem as enthusiastic, don’t lie :p


Hahah yeah we have very different views in that respect

In this case, a one sided thing is way better. Most people experience one sided admiration so I’d rather it be that

You really want some romance to come out of this lol

Yeah ten more eps to see where this show truly goes!

Lol You sure are alive and speculative as ever

Yeah I am! I’m really enjoying this show after all :’)


lol, we shall see, cakes? we shall see……

oh, I guess the scene where she was sexy in her bed remembering where he touched her bothered you, huh?

isn’t it also telling that she let her guard down and laughed so cheerfully and even confessed to him? all sign points to romance, in my arrogant opinion. xD


Yes, we shall….

No it didn’t bother me. She was fantasizing which is alright. If you are in love, I guess this type of behaviour just comes with it.

She did let her guard down because she was able to spend time with him outside of their usual work environment. And she confessed in the moment. Does that point to romance? Maybe. Do I think it will go there? Nope.


gosh, so stubborn on the romance angle.

hahaha. well, we shall see indeed. xD


Hahaha we’re both quite stubborn on our views lol (cry face)

yes, we shall

And that’s the end of our discussion of episode two. What did you guys make of the episode?