It’s Keiko’s Birthday!!


Well, to my blog anyways. Today (as in 21st January 2018) my blog turned one years old! By the time I post this, for most of you it will be the 22nd but oh well. Blame work for me writing this post well in the evening!

But leaving that aside, it’s my blog’s birthday!! I can’t believe I’ve kept this up for a year now! It’s been an amazing year and I’ve met some awesome people through blogging. It’s been an amazing experience so far and I hope this year will be the same too!

Am I planning to do anything to celebrate this one year? Err no because I’m lazy like that. I did want to do something but nothing came to mind so here is this very empty post of nothingness.

Anyways, thank you once again to everyone who has supported me over this one year and here’s to hoping I have another wonderful year blogging away!

See you guys in the next post! 🙂



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