Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu ep 1 & 2

I am really happy to see Nanatsu no Taizai back because I really enjoyed the first season minus Elizabeth. However, I feel like these two episodes were two things I don’t really want to see from this show and that is, an episode of basically recap and an episode with too much rammed in it for anything to actually happen. Whilst these episodes did do a good job of introducing the antagonists and setting up future sub plots, somehow, I was left feeling underwhelmed. It was missing that spark that I saw in season one.

The first episode was a recap of the OVA’s and how first season ended so there really wasn’t much here. Elizabeth’s dream is slowly coming true with her father’s premonition and the shadows she saw turning out to be the Ten Commandments. I find that title to be so ironic. The Ten Commandments are the opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins in everything. In Christianity, whilst the former lays out the laws of worship and ethics in Christianity, the latter are the capital vices. They couldn’t be further apart if they tried. It’s interesting that the Ten Commandments was the title given to the antagonists whilst the protagonists carry the title of Seven Deadly Sins. This will probably be something I’ll look more into once the Commandments are fully introduced. So far, what is clear is that one of them looks very much like Meliodas and even knows him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two are brothers or something. Also, seeing Merlin’s reaction suggests that she has something against them or something to do with them as well. Meliodas’ connection is one thing, but now I’m wondering what her connection to them is.

Other than the whole episode basically being a recap, introducing this new method of measuring strength really irked me. I get that it gives Hawk a role other than eating but I preferred Hawk’s random remarks because they were funny and random. Getting him to recite everyone’s strengths in terms of numbers is boring. It doesn’t create any sense of humour, which honestly seemed forced, and, the whole idea just doesn’t fit well. I’d rather gauge a character’s strength myself through what I see of them than be told how strong they are via numbers. Hopefully that won’t return and was simply there in the first episode.

Hawk 1.jpg

Where the sub plots are concerned, Ban and King have left to return to the Fairy King Forest which King believes to now be dead and the three knights have left on their adventure. Only, when they get there, it’s not dead at all and the fairies are still around as well. whilst they are happy to see Ban, the one Elaine entrusted with the seed which he planted reviving the forest, they are not happy to see King. In fact, they want him gone, calling him a traitor and blaming what happened to the forest on him. King may be happy to see his people well, but he can’t face them because he blames himself for what happened. This is where Helbram steps in. Looks like he isn’t completely gone. Elaine sent him back so now his soul resides in the helmet he gave King and so the two can talk whenever they like.

The three knights, that is Gilthunder, Griamore and Howzer confront the Sins about Hendrickson and especially Dreyfus, not believing what happened to him. Merlin replies ambiguously, telling them that there is always more to the truth than meets the eye. That if something doesn’t look right, then change the perspective with which you view it and that’s exactly what they do. Since it’s not possible for Dreyfus to have done something evil since he wasn’t the type of guy for that, they concluded that he must not have been Dreyfus, that someone else was residing in his body so off they go to confirm this. They’re not wrong. One of The Commandments has taken over Dreyfus’ body and caused Hendrickson to spill the blood of the demon that he took over, or rather that took over him, in order to bring the Ten Commandments back. It looks like Hendrickson is back to normal but I wonder if he’ll be able to get away and if he does, what he plans to do. As it stands, it seems the Knights and the Sins are going after the same people so their paths will probably cross again at some point.

Oh, and there is the romance thing going on as well. Diane finally accepts her love for King when she is talking to Elizabeth urging her to confess to Meliodas. There are some aspects of romance that I like in this show and some I don’t. The whole thing with Ban and Elaine, I liked. King and Diane’s relationship I like as well. But Meliodas and Elizabeth? That is a no from me. I find her character to annoying for that. Seriously she is too annoying. Well, Diane explains that she remembered the time she spent with King but now his gone so she can’t tell him. Well she doesn’t have to worry because Ban told King. It looks like King might come back to be with the Sins but he may not as Elaine did tell him to protect Ban and all. I think he will hold out because he has to fulfil Eliane’s wishes right?

One more thing happened. And this wasn’t recap. There is a serious issue within the Sins. Bna and King have gone off but their reason is understandable. Now Gowther is rebelling if you will. He wants to understand what “love” is and so, he wiped the memories of Guila and Zeal and replaced Guila’s memories with fake ones of him and her being together as lovers. Merlin has figured out something is up since he didn’t take the medicine he was supposed to and since Meliodas discovered Hawk had taken them, he knows that something is up as well. Diane and Elizabeth confront Gowther but he doesn’t understand why Diane is so angry so the two are about to have an all-out fight. I do wonder what exactly Gowther is. He does seem pretty much human but without any emotions at all. What happened to him to make him the sin of lust and why is he emotionless? I’m curious.

Meliodas has asked for his weapon from Merlin and is all ready to go face the Ten Commandments but before that comes this fight between Diane and Gowther. As I said, there was way too less going on in episode one and way too much in episode two. Whilst Elizabeth’s character was tolerable so far, I’d be happy to see her gone for the most part of this season since I don’t know how she’s going to be useful. But it does look like a lot of different plot lines are on the move. I’m excited to see how this show will progress but I wasn’t too happy with these first two episodes.



  1. I feel the same way (and I’m with you with regards to the romances. I’m fine with everyone except Melidoas and Elizabeth.)

    It kind of feels like there’s a lot of stuff happening way too quickly. Hopefully it finds its footing though, because season 1 was a lot of fun.

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