Kokkoku ep 3

Now we’re three episodes in and I still feel the same about this show. Whilst there were some interesting additions this episode, it still feels like things haven’t really gotten started but that we’re still in the introduction stage.

The little development we do get this week was pushed aside by all the explanations that continue to fill up most of the episode. The moment when Juri’s powers awaken and she is able to knock the specters out of the people that pinned her down goes to waste because it is quickly followed up by an explanation of what the specters are by Majima. Juri’s situation was intense because she was getting strangled when her powers awakened. It was a great moment but I feel like the explanations interrupted the scene and took away some of the tension that was there. Whilst I understand that world building and explaining all of this is important, I just feel like as it stands, that’s all we’re getting and there isn’t enough of anything else like plot progression or character development to balance that out.

I find it interesting that Majima asks for Juri not to be killed. From the short snippets of flashbacks that we do get, it seems like the two have met before, probably that time when Juri first entered the Stasis.  It seems like when Majima first came, she got a hold of the power that Juri now has or, that is what’s implied anyways. Does that mean the power one possess changes depending on what specter enters them? This clearly doesn’t seem to apply to Jisan since he seems to have always had his teleporting powers. I do wonder whether there are any requirements to get a stable power in the Stasis and what that might be?

The other interesting point came during Sagawa’s little experiment. He called up someone to come and kill one of his men that did not enter the Stasis and like last time, The Handler turns up and kills the guy who has murderous intent. At this point it is once again noted that The Handler is shrinking, with Sagawa hypothesising that maybe he uses up energy when he kills someone hence he shrinks to compensate for that. It seems like a plausible argument especially since The Handler seems to be made of protein and actually disappears after each appearance. However, what I found to be more interesting was that, the man who was killed had his specters removed (I’m guessing) which then entered Makoto who is now moving around as well. Jisan mentioned that The Handler was supposed to protect their family since he an ancestor from the family. Could this be his way of protecting them? Because, out of everyone, it was Tsubasa and Makoto who were brought into the Stasis by the two deaths that resulted from the appearance of The Handler. I don’t know, I feel like this has to have some meaning and can’t be a mere coincidence.

This episode did have some good moments and I did find that it was intriguing but still, little has been done to progress the plot and the characters seriously need some treatment. I feel like the world building, which is definitely necessary, is just taking up a bit too much time and hasn’t been really handled in a balanced way. I’m just hoping the plot gets moving soon and we get something decent because the premise is definitely something.


  1. They definitely need to start moving out of set-up mode now and actually start helping us get to know these characters (or at least have some reason to care about them). Regardless of the events that occur later we aren’t going to be overly invested if the characterisation remains fairly bare bones.

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    • That’s true. If things continue like this, I won’t really be invested in any of the characters which might be a problem later down the line. Hopefully something gives next week and we get something from the characters.

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