Winter 2018 – Weekly Roundup: Week 3

Hi guys! Week 3 is over and it’s been a pretty good week! Most of what I watched this week was really enjoyable especially Koi wa Ameagari no You ni; it’s turned out to be a really interesting show! 🙂


3-gatsu no lion season 2 cover3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 – ep 14

Not the best episode but it did a good job at starting up the next arc. I really liked the scene with Rei and Hayashida talking on the rooftop with Hayashida telling Rei that it’s not results that reach people. It just goes to show that even though Rei may not have been able to do something big, simply being there for Hina meant a lot. The rest of the episode went into setting up the match against Souya and emphasising how far away he is. His grad entrance at the end was an amazing moment and I liked the build up to it. It’s going to be interesting to see what Rei learns about himself through this.


Gintama Season 7 coverGintama Season 7 – ep 3

Things are turned up a notch as Utsuro makes an appearance with a zombie army to mess up everyone’s plans from last week. A new antagonist has also been added into the mist in the form of Ensho who lost his planet and pregnant wife during the terminal explosions on his planet. Now he reasons everyone fighting need an outlet for their hatred and the Tendoshu, who they believe to be safe on Earth, but as Ensho points out are out of commission, and the Earth are going to be their targets. I don’t think that defeating and destroying Earth will quell their hatred but that’s something for Ensho to learn if he wants to. I really liked how, though things were turned up a notch this week, they still managed to sprinkle some comedy into the episode with the comments on the sequel live action being green lit. Only Gintama can pull off such randomness and not ruin the tension of the episode in the process!


Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens coverHakata Tonkotsu Ramens – ep 3

Things are getting pretty interesting now. I feel like everyone has the same end aim on one side but because all the players don’t know that, it makes for some interesting interactions. The informant plays his role really well since he doesn’t seem to be taking any sides but simply selling information to all parties. Quite the nasty move to be fair but suits him pretty well. Also, I’m beginning to think the samurai dude is Banba. Anyone else get that feeling?


Hakumei to Mikochi coverHakumei to Mikochi – ep 3

This show continues to just hop around, showcasing the lives of the girls but I feel like this episode was slightly better than what we’ve previously seen. More about Hakumei was revealed and what she does which was nice since the show has mainly focused on Mikochi up until now.




Koi wa Ameagari no You ni coverKoi wa Ameagari no You ni – ep 3

This show is really interesting! I can’t help but feel the events in Tachibana’s life colour her choices. We learn a lot about Tachibana this episode about her club activities and the void it left within her now that she can’t run anymore. To me, it seems like being with the Manager, though she is definitely crushing on him, is a way for her to fill that void. Kondo’s behaviour was also quite telling because his excuses seemed weak and flimsy at best. The fact that he envisaged his younger self with her suggests he has some problems of his own and I’m curious as to what they may be. Well, he sort of signed up for a date without really meaning to so we’ll just have to see how that goes.


Kokkoku coverKokkoku – ep 3

Lots more world building and explaining going on with very little else. There were some interesting moments with Juri’s powers awakening and the stuff about The Handler shrinking. I just wish the show had a better balance of things because at times, the explanations really came in the way of what could have otherwise been some good scenes. They sort of just cut off the rising tension, making scenes quite boring. Hopefully the plot starts to move along now because it’s seriously at turtle pace right now.


Mahoutsukai no Yome cover

Mahoutsukai no Yome – ep 15

Chise went to the fairy world to get treated and Silky got her own backstory. Out of these two, I enjoyed the latter a lot more. Learning about Silky’s past as a banshee and what she has now comes to be was something I really enjoyed. She may not be able to express herself through words but her actions do express her emotions, with her changing the wallpaper and the bell as she waits for everyone to return home. This was a really heart-warming and I’m glad that this was the centre of the story rather than Chise’s treatment which I didn’t enjoy as much.


Nanatsu no Taizai Imashime no Fukkatsu coverNanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – ep 2

There was too much going on in this episode! It set up the main story and a few sub plots as well as the initial fight at hand between Gowther and Diane. I just feel like there was so much going on that it was a bit too much. It felt like information was just being thrown at me in a list like fashion. Hopefully things will improve next week.



Overlord II cover

Overlord II – ep 3

The lizard men came together this week to fight Cocytus’s army of undead. It looks like Ains doesn’t expect victory and has something else on mind since he ordered Cocytus not to go to battle and only provided lower tier undead for the battle. Zaryusu and everyone else come together to fight the undead and it made for quite the enjoyable battle. It does look like the lizard men episode will be ending next week and whilst I’ll be sad to see this arc finish, I feel like it is time to move onto some of the others plot strands from episode one.


Ryuuou no Oshigoto! coverRyuuou no Oshigoto! – ep 3

I just can’t get behind this show I’m sorry. This episode was all about Ai’s test and she did really well. Things were actually alright for the most part of the episode and then there was the ending. It basically left a bad taste in my mouth. Having Ai’s mother ask Kuzuryuu to marry his daughter if Ai deson’t reach the goal she has set is a bit alarming and I can’t believe everyone went with it. She’s a grades schooler! There’s just something off putting about trying to make something happen between Ai and Kuzuryuu when this show would be far better off without it. I want to drop this show, honestly I do but I don’t like dropping shows.


Violet Evergarden coverViolet Evergarden – ep 3

Still an enjoyable episode but I feel like the presentation of Violet’s mechanical nature is getting a bit too repetitive. Aside from that, I do wish Luculia was a better developed character because she has an interesting backstory regarding her family which ties in very neatly with the war so it would have been interesting to know more about her. as far as Violet’s journey goes, she was able to construct a letter that captured Luculia’s feelings by the end of the episode so it is a step in the right direction.


Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line coverYowamushi Pedal: Glory Line – ep 3

As always, this show is better when Midousuji is put into the mix at exactly the right moments and for me, this was one of them. His race with Naruko could not have come at a better time and I excited to see how it plays out because there is a lot riding on it. I did feel that it was a shame that Komori didn’t get much of a role and was completely dropped out of the show after Midousuji took the lead. Hopefully he’ll make a good return. The rest are doing a good job to catch up and I have to wonder if Hakogaku will ever catch up considering how far behind they are. It’s still anyone’s win at this stage and nothing is confirmed until someone crosses that finish line. This is the type of tension I like from this show and I am glad to see it make a return.


Zoku Touken Ranbu Hanamaru coverZoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru – ep 3

This week’s episode was about Gokota’s tigers and a sports festival. I liked the episode but it was nothing special. It was just the usual fun and relaxation that we see in most episodes.





    • Awh hopefully you’re able to catch up on everything!!!
      It has been an interesting show and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I would definitely recommend it if you have the time to watch it! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • I actually spent my morning watching HTR, and I absolutely loved the first three episodes. I am impatiently awaiting the next. Hopefully, it will become even more interesting from here onwards. The ending always leaves me wanting to watch more of it. Now to work on catching up on the rest.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Good for you!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😊 hahaha I know what you mean. The ending if each episode leaves you wanting more!
          Ooo have fun catching up all your shows! 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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