In Conversation: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni ep 3

Three episodes in and both TPAB and I are having a blast watching this show! It’s been really interesting so far and things are happening quicker than I expected but I don’t mind since the show is really good and makes for some interesting discussions! TPAB is still trying to convince me that this will turn into a full blown romance at some point but I’m still not sold on that one! :’)




did I not call it?


I knew you’d say that!

But before that don’t you think it’s a good idea to examine the events leading up to it?


A lot of my points, cakes!!!!! c’mon, its heading to good places. haha

But, yeah, let’s start at the beginning

Actually confirming your points


Hahaha true true :’) I liked how we got a bit more background on Tachibana this episode. I feel like one of the things that was missing was more about that injury of hers and what that truly meant for and we finally got that!


Yeah, true. The sting of not being able to play. you kinda feel it, even if she won’t express it properly.

which is then followed by the flashback when she met manager. xD


Yeah because the two events are tied together. She met the manager when she had lost that one passion of hers. I feel the flashback with her and her mother visiting the doctors spoke volumes. It’s the first time we see her mother and when we do see her, she’s crying. This was devastating for both of them. I can see why what the manager did at that time meant a lot to her.

Akira 9.jpg


It’s kinda wonderful too, since it’s the mother showing devastation, not her, like what the hell is her problem? like she’s always on guard

but yeah, the club was, I think, the missing piece to truly understand her, at least at the moment


Maybe that’s her coping mechanism? She wants to remain strong and not break down because then she would really have to accept that she lost something so she puts up a front?

True say. Her leaving the club early is also very telling. After seeing herself in the girl that was running, it becomes clear that she hasn’t completely gotten over losing her place in this club. I feel like it’s left a void in her and that act shows a sense of desire. That she wants to go back to running but can’t.


I’m calling it now, cakes!!!! with all of her stone face expressions, it’ll come a point where her breakdown scene will be heart breaking or just truly fascinating. I feel like it’s building up to that. because, I think this is there’s a coming of age component here. and see, she’s spending time with manager to fill that gap that was once important, and still is, in her life. but it is adoration. at least on her end, it’s a girl that needed to hear/feel something at that moment and manager gave it to her.


I can agree with you on that one! There does seem to be a build up to something within her character that has something to do with her injury and since we’ve not really seen her cry out about it, I agree that it’s something we can expect further down the line.

Agreed. Leaving her club, which clearly was an integral part of her life, left quite the void to fill and the Manager just stepped in at the right time.

Yeah, it does feel like it’s adoration more than anything. Unlike her mother who was shown crying, the manager is shown encouraging her. Even if he was an outsider and didn’t know her circumstances at that point, he gave her the words she very much needed to hear. I feel like that’s probably one of the places where her admiration for him stems from. But as it stands, she seems to be using him to fill a void that has left quite the impact on her.


True, she’s looking for something and she think it’s the love for the manager, which isn’t really it. When asked “why do you love me”, this kid couldn’t give him a mature answer. Which kinda points out her character seemingly at an undefined cross roads of sorts yet too stubborn to see it.

I was hoping it’d be more, y’know, direct about her, but now I don’t know. geez, I built myself up for more, lol those flashbacks with the club kinda hurts to see, since she was already injured, but was still able to run, yet her stubbornness basically ruined her. but I guess if you have a club record to hold. hmm, maybe that’s why she’s so nonchalant now since everything she cares for is no longer in her reach

I really love this show


Exactly! I also think the way she confessed this episode also suggested that. She came straight from the club activities and the first thing she did was confess without a second thought. It may have been because she wanted him to fully understand what she meant but why at that specific time? I feel like she’s desperate to fill that void because it resurfaced after watching the club activities.

Akira 10

Yeah, her answer did point to that.

Hahaha you sure do lol. But I feel like this way, her character comes across as more complex and real.

True. She made a bad decision then because she had her pride and record to hold as a sprinter. It just goes to show sometimes what you may think is the right decision, may actually be the wrong decision. That was just a bad step for her I guess Maybe. She did seem happier and lively in the flashbacks than what we’ve seen of her so far.

True, it’s an awesome show!


Oh yeah, that scene stings. the fact that she watches people run while she sits there injured. that was soul crushing, and I felt bad for her. but wow, she confessed! completely cornering the manager. hahaha. do you think she’ll ever talk about that void to someone?

Well, yeah, that’s right. I guess I’d prefer a complex seventeen-year-old that a direct girl with, I dunno, weird daddy issues.

She was happy and lively, and now she’s nonchalant as if she no longer cares anymore. like she has no fight in her, yknow, as a teacher I am troubled.

but now we’re at the topic of the confession, did you see the flower language? popped up twice here


Same here! I felt really bad for her at that point. She sure did. It honestly shook hin because it came out of nowhere.

Nope, I don’t think she’ll talk about it. I have to question whether she notices it’s even there. Like the only indication we got of it was from this episode’s flashback sequence and her watching the club activities. She makes it seem like everything is fine so I have to wonder if she realises it herself.

Hahahaha true say lol

Ahhh I can see that. I think she’s a reached a point where she’s not sure what to do anymore which is bringing her down?

I watched the episode yesterday. I don’t remember it (cry face) remind me what it was lol


I think that’s why it has some “coming of age” components, since the goal is for her to grow as a person by realizing that. atleast, that’s where my mind goes to slowly sneak out of the romance xD

and it did shook him! really made him think, and he was just a guy at that point, with a girl on his mind. yeah, she clearly has a personal conflict that I guess will be addressed in later episodes.

the second one is the hydrangeas in the rain

Akira and Kondo 6


Yeah I think so too.

Hahaha at least it’s a step away from romance lol True but then that makes me feel sorry for him because as we’ve said, what she feels for him is to fill a void. That’s kinda sad.

Yeah, and I’m looking forward to that!

Ahhh I remember now! I think adding the flowers in this part of the episode sort of added a touch of immaturity like childishness to the whole thing.


He was the one to point out the age gap, and I think this is why we’ll go romance here, because he’ll eventually stop caring about it soon too. especially with how aggressive the girl is.

Kondo 5.jpg

And I do think the manager has some void of his own too, since he keeps going “the last time I’ve felt this is….” hinting a past lover, wife maybe? but I love the way the anime levels them as just a boy and girl at some point. xD

There is some childishness, but this is also the only time the girl had smiled. Around the manager again, completely off guard unlike most times even in a flashback about her leg.


I feel like his excuses were way too weak and flimsy. Honestly he wasn’t even trying to reject her!

Hmm maybe he’ll stop caring I don’t know.

Agreed with you on that one. He seems to have his own set of issues.

I think because he saw his younger self interacting with Tachibana and then the way he addressed himself which in the subs was translated as “boy”, makes me assume maybe he wants to go back and experience a youth he never had? Like you said, he probably has his own problems, or unfulfilled desires or something. He does seem to have feelings for her but I don’t think they’re romantic. Like her, he is missing something and maybe that’s what he wants to compensate for?

Akira and Kondo 5.jpg

Yeah that’s true.

I guess so. Maybe because when she is with him, she feels like she can let go of her worries or at least put them to the back of her mind?


We did confirm that he isn’t faking his goofy dad joke character. he does seem to think little of himself, and people does walk over him with that attitude. and yeah, he didn’t reject her. i think he really wanted to fall in love too, and that’s good, right? isn’t that great? mutual love? aren’t you happy?

If he is filling a void too, then this relationship might progress faster than we’d like, cakes. we’ll I’ll enjoy wherever this ride goes. but I think it opens the door for his character fleshing out, since we also saw something weird when he got a chance to narrate. isn’t that interesting? the only comfort she can find is with him.


Yeah, true say.

No he didn’t reject her. Is it mutual though? I don’t think so. There isn’t enough known about the Manager’s character to decide whether he is in live with her or wants to fall in live with her specifically. So far, all I can really tell is that with her he remembers a youth he never had. He isn’t seeing his present self with her but a younger version of himself. I’d really like to know more about him.

Haha same here. I’ll probably enjoy the show no matter where it chooses to go depending on how it’s played out.

Yes, and I really want that to happen. It would be pretty interesting if we get more from him. Exactly. He seems to be caught up in the past so I want to know why.

Yeah it is. Is it because he is a stranger, divorced from her previous life as a competitor and so doesn’t know that side of her or maybe it’s because of the way he is?


I think we’ll explore his character next, to really nail that mutual thing between them. don’t fight it, cakes. hahaha. he’s a fascinating character, since he is open to the relationship, right? but yeah, we need more info about him.

They’ll go on a date next ep, right? you think they’ll kiss?

Are you sure wife isn’t dead? maybe I’m just thinking too much, but he seems to imply it’s a relationship he can only reach again with the girl. really odd

Yeah, I think that makes sense. the guy isn’t part of her old life, so she wants to make him part of her new life, whatever that is.


Hopefully they will. I’m still not sold on it lol Yeah, that is very interesting. He didn’t reject her completely and even proposed a date albeit accidentally. But yeah, more info is definitely needed Hahaha that’s a stretch. It’s still too early for that lol.

They’re divorced that’s all that was mentioned. We don’t know where his ex-wife is.

Yeah that is odd. Maybe once we get more on his character we’ll be able to understand him better. Exactly.


What do you think will happen in the next episode? i should’ve made a prediction game here too, lol. I am winning. :p

Also, I do think this girl the manager used to love will be reintroduced. If it’s the ex-wife, then yeah, maybe the age gap will prompt her to pursue him again. I can’t wait for next episode!!!

Also, I just noticed the long necks, lol. reminds me of Rose of Versailles with its old school shoujo design


I have no clue what will happen lol but I like the unexpected so hopefully something unexpected lol

Hmm maybe. I mean she hasn’t been mentioned after ep 1 but you never know

Same here! I can’t wait to see what happens!

Oh yeah I get what you mean about that



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