Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu ep 3

It feels like the show is finally finding its footing and things will get started soon. I say soon, because let’s be honest, this episode was more information suited to a prologue than anything. I still feel like the story has yet to start but at least by the end of the episode, it had reached that all important start line.

With last week’s episode being too much, this week’s felt much better in terms of pacing. Gowther’s fight with Diane was resolved pretty quickly and whilst we didn’t get to see exactly how it came to an end, we were given hints as to what happened. Gowther does apologise for what he did and later we find out that Gowther is actually a doll with immense power created by a magician. Now, that explains why he wants a human heart and lacks emotions altogether. However, even though Merlin did turn him back into his doll form, I doubt that’s the end of Gowther’s rebellion. There is a moment when Diane’s eyes turn purple. I’m assuming Gowther did something there during their fight, something that Diane see coming and the rest don’t know yet. This is sure to come back to bite them later on. whether Gowther means bad news because of his desires or whether he has other motives remains to be seen.

With that out of the way, the gang head off to Camelot (finally) because Merlin senses danger and when they get there via flying pig, lo and behold it’s a Golem created by the Demon Clan called Albion. I have to say, my criticism of Hawk gauging everyone’s powers by simply stating the numbers is definitely a bad idea. I seriously don’t need him spelling out how strong Albion is or that the number is well above Meliodas’. I’d rather gauge such things for myself and enjoy the show because it really does bring down the tension of the fights. Aside from that, seeing Meliodas use his sacred treasure Lostvayne was amazing. He sure is strong! I feel like that is not his full power though. I mean he has to be stronger than all the Sins to be their leader so he has to be incredibly strong for that! More so because Merlin hinted that Meliodas still isn’t in possession of something. I can’t help but wonder what that is and what that will help him with. It’s probably connected to the Ten Commandments but whatever it is has me very curious.

Meliodas mentioned that Albion was a Golem but he never mentioned anything about him being the only one and since another one turned up at the Fairy King’s Forest, I have good reason to believe that more than one has returned which can only be bad news. It’s a good thing King had yet to return to Liones like he was planning when he found out the Golem was near the forest. Going to Liones would have been disappointing for him since everyone else is now at Camelot and had he left, and the Golem had attacked, he would’ve just felt double guilt. Plus, Ban is there as well. Speaking of Ban, it looks like he has been “feeding” the forest to allow it to grow so quickly and keep it alive. He has been “feeding” the tree his own blood since it contains the fountain of youth. That does make a lot of sense since he can be seen as the fountain of youth just in a different state so by giving his blood to the forest, he can nourish it.

What I found really interesting was what the fairy said to Ban that the tree chooses who the King of the forest is so Ban’s suggestion that this fairy should be king, nor Ban himself can be king. Harlequin, that is King, is the only one befitting of the kingship since the tree chose him. Whilst that may be true, as it stands, most of the forest no longer wants King to be their king and have instead flocked to Ban. This maybe an emotional response to what happened but nonetheless, a king is nothing without his people. With the Golem now approaching, is this King’s chance to redeem himself and will that really bring his people back to him? It’s an interesting question about kingship and just goes to show how fragile the title is. At one-point King was a king to his people and the next, most of his people don’t deem him worthy of the title and yet, he is still the king since he was the chosen one. What a heavy burden it must be to be the king of people who hate you.

With things now falling into place, I feel like the story can finally get started. The next episode is called ‘Ten Commandments Start’ so I guess the story will truly start then. This was an interesting addition, explaining Gowther’s origins, introducing Meliodas’ sacred treasure and setting up the fight that will take place at the Fairy King’s Forest. It was a nice balance of some of the plots that sprung up in the episode before. Now I’m just curious to see the Ten Commandments and learn more about them!


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