Kokkoku ep 4

Here’s an episode that was actually enjoyable and yet it was so frustrating at the same time. The individual moments in the episode worked well on their own, together and as part of the larger story at hand, it felt rather mismatched, like a puzzle where the pieces aren’t coming together like they should.

The episode begins where the lats one left off with someone about to attack Juri but that is solved quickly when Jisan teleports and grapples the guy before Juri blasts him out of the Stasis. Nice teamwork! Though, all of this running around and teleporting is beginning to take its toll on Jisan especially after they’re forced to run away again. He is an old man so I’m not surprised at that. In fact, that makes him feel like a more realistic character. What I liked about this episode is that Juri has finally decided she has had enough. She has powers now so why can’t she use them? With the Genuine Love Society talking down on her, I’m not surprised she snapped and attacked them, blowing the specters right out of them! It was good to see the earlier teamwork put to good use as Jisan’s teleportation and Juri’s power are put to good use in getting rid of some of these idiots.

Jisan and Juri 2

This also means that Jisan now knows that Juri has powers, giving him a chance to explain what happened before, during Juri’s first trip to the Stasis. It looks like he brought her here so that she could spend some time with her dying dog. Majima said before that she ‘received’ that power before but in this flashback it was clearly Juri who was using it. By receive, does she mean she experienced it or that she had the power? And if it’s the latter then does that mean two people can have the same power? In either case, there is more to this flashback. What we saw was Jisan’s version of it and since he was almost knocked out of the Stasis, it is safe to assume a lot happened from the moment Juri hit him to the moment he said “aegis” and returned. Nonetheless, this part of the episode did a good job in developing Juri and Jisan’s relationship.

Unfortunately, this is where the good in the episode ended and the problems creeped in. the second half of the episode was dedicated to characters leaning things we’d already known and taking forever to do so. It was inevitable that Juri and Jisan would find that Makoto and Tsubasa are no longer where they left them leading to them learning that at the very least, Tsubasa has entered the Stasis. This I can understand and to be fair, it wasn’t done all that badly. What does annoy me is this Genuine Love Society. Here we have another whole sections with them figuring out that the Heralds punish those who attack those outside the Stasis. We already established this and sure not all the characters were there at the time but a full explanation of what has already been explained is just too much. Majima has literally become a tool for explaining events to this society at this point which does not bode well for her character. The only interesting thing to come out of this was the extra information we received about the Herald which was that someone in Majima’s family became one and she saw it happen. I have to give credit to the visuals because the head and lungs that Majima picked up from the sandy remains of the Herald was great. Other than that, the whole scene with this society was just an explanation that we’ve already had.

It’s a shame that the so called antagonists of this story, the Society, are the ones that are bringing this show down. I don’t think I’ve said anything good or interesting about them so far. They are there being obnoxious brats and bringing down the storytelling which is getting quite annoying if I’m honest. I’m hoping Majima gets her backstory soon and what is this responsibility that the Yukawa’s supposed to have. I’m really intrigued by the past of the Yukawa’s and their relationship to the Stasis.



  1. The Society are very odd. While it seems like the leaders have some actual goal or plan, the rest really are just thugs. It would be really great to see the antagonists as more than just obstacles. Though, I’d also like to know more about the family as we don’t know a lot about those characters yet.

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    • Agreee. Right now, the society just isn’t working as a group. Some individuals stick out but the rest are no more than thugs and it’s bringing their side of the story down.
      I’d really like to know more about the family too and what their connection to the stone is. They’re a pretty interesting family.

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