In Conversation: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni ep 4


Great episode.


It was, wasn’t it?! I didn’t expect Kase to play such a role in the story but it made for an interesting episode!


What was your impression of the two dates?

Since a parallel was established?


I was amsued by it because of how both the dates played out. They were practically the same. The only difference was in the behaviours of the two on the date. Kase came across as an idiot. He was really forcing himself on Tachibana right until the end. The date between Tachibana and the Manager was different. It was the Manager who felt out of place and Tachibana who wanted to took the initiative.


Inserting Kase is a pretty smart move, huh? Since his advances kinda polishes the idea of the girl being with the manager, but I actually like him. I hope we see more of him. I think we will, since he kinda acts like the audience, outside looking in, and he asked the important question of why this girl likes a 45 year old dude.


Yeah it was.

I don’t think he is a bad character, just that he came across as an idiot on the date. I think we will. He knows Tachibana’s secret so I’m sure we’ll see more of him.

True. I feel like in that sense, he is the voice of society, telling Tachibana it’s not going to work out with the Manager and questioning why she likes him. He basically raises the questions the audience has.


I like him a lot, since we might get a love triangle. His addition also sheds light into how innocent Tachibana is, to her own detriment, I think. And a lot of guys come on that aggressive, but it was uncomfortable to watch, kinda bordering on harassment. I did let out a reaction when he kissed her.

Kase and Akira 1


I don’t think we’ll get a love triangle because Kase doesn’t love Tachibana. But we might get something interesting since she has peeked his interest.

Yeah I agree with you on that one. It did highlight how innocent Tachibana truly is which once again made me question if the feelings she has are anything near “love”.

Yeah, it was uncomfortable to watch. Same here. That was sneak but it’s interesting that Tachibana wanted to do the exact same thing to the Manager but couldn’t.


Kase looks like a “stir the pot” kind of character, but I think he will develop feelings for her. You don’t want it to? You don’t like anyone for Tachibana?! haha

It’s interesting how she only blush and smile for the manager though. I do think its love, but a naive but honest kind of love. which actually breaks the manager’s heart. I love that portion of the show btw and yeah, I was pissed that she didn’t actually ran towards him and kissed him.

Btw, so many shots of feet in this episode. what did you think of that? I think previous episodes emphasized Tachibana’s sexy body, but now its feet.


True say. I think he brings a good amount of drama to the show.

I don’t mind if he does but at this stage, I don’t see it.

That’s true. I think it also reflects how differently she views Kase and the Manager because she didn’t show anything like that with Kase. Still, I don’t think she’s in love. After everything that has been established about her character, I don’t think what she feels is love per se.

Ahh true. I feel like the Manager just can’t say no to her because he doesn’t want to break her heart since he knows how precious youth is.

I don’t even remember that lol. 😂 I don’t know why that was the case.


Yeah, I think he’ll start stirring the pot some more and maybe come onto Tachibana while the manager is around, which will bring the cute Tachibana and the angry Tachibana together. And lol, she needs love. give her love, even if it’s just a passing one.

I think it is legit love for her, but she’s too innocent to think otherwise. It’s also a first love, so it comes a bit sweet. and yeah, Kase actually did point out that she might only love manager since she can no longer run, and her only answer is “that’s in the past” which is very interesting.

Akira 12.jpg

He said “youthful love” hurts because he’s already old. I love this character, because he keeps remembering how his youthful love happened. I even cried when he gazed at Tachibana at the bridge the feet is all over, a short hand for the character’s emotions. it’s beautiful visual subtext


Yeah I can see that happening seeing as they all work together.

Hahahaha no

I disagree with you there. I don’t think she’s in love. I think she likes this notion of being in love.

Yeah her answer was interesting because no matter how much she denies it, it isn’t in the past. She hasn’t forgotten about her time as an athlete and I think there’s still a part of her that wants to go back.

That’s true. But we have yet to see what this youthful love he had was. After the scene on the bridge, I felt like the Manager doesn’t love Tachibana. He probably has some feelings for her which are tied to his youth but he doesn’t love her.

Hahaha it wasn’t that emotional was it?

If you say. Honestly I don’t remember 😂


So #nolovefortachibana hahahaha

Oh, notion of being in love? But not love? we’re split on technicalities, cakes?

And I don’t think she wants to go back, but maybe her injury just prevents that. I do believe she wants to move on, as hard as she can.

Yeah, he “can’t” love her, because he knows her love is youthful love, and he is already past that. He only remembers his youthful love when he was young, and it kinda stings for him. But I think there’s a chance here. Once he decides to let go, I’m sure we’ll see him reciprocate.

I cried because I kinda understand his stance. I know people that foolishly chase their youth, but manager is smart enough to do that, yet the feeling still lingers.

I love the feet shots. Like when Tachibana literally did not cross the line in the final shot of the anime. It was such a strong visual subtext

Akira 15


Hahaha basically lol

Yeah we are lol :’)

She doesn’t really have much of a choice but to move on does she? That’s just sad

Yeah he does seem to be unsure about Tachibana’s feelings.

True, it seems like it brings back memories he doesn’t want. Is that simply because of his age or because of some past experience? I really want to know!

You just want them to fall in love don’t you hahaha?

Ahh I see. That’s a fair point.

Ohh right, yeah that final shot was emphatic. It kind of draws a line between them. That the Manager is in a different space, like a different world to her. That there isn’t just age that keeps them apart. And most importantly that their relationship may never actually cross the line. It feels like quite the dividing line to end the episode on which makes it all the more emphatic.


Yes, I want them to fall in love, and I believe the line was established so that one of them will cross it. Like, it’ll happen eventually, but just not now since I think Tachibana can feel the manager’s hesitation as well. It would’ve been awesome if she made the first move though. This is the only shot of her feet actually not doing anything in the entire episode. As if she is unsure herself.

I do love how we get some narration form the manager, so really complete the picture. He is concerned of the age gap, since he freaked out in the cafe, but he also really enjoys Tachibana’s presence. Once we flesh him out, maybe in a love triangle, then the line will be crossed or erased entirely xD


Lol you’ve been advocating their love since 😂

I think the Manager’s awkward behaviour makes it really obvious how hesitant he is. Tachibana’s interesting because she practically forced the Manager to go on a date with her without giving him much of a choice but couldn’t really do much else because she was shy. Her assertiveness sort of just vanished when the date rolled round. I feel like if anyone makes the first move it’ll probably be her since she’s been making all the moves so far.

That is interesting. Maybe because she’s not too sure of the Manager’s feelings and wants to respect his views that she didn’t do anything. Plus, it would have been pretty bold to kiss him in a train station. Yeah, it really helped showcase what he was thinking. The age gap has to be on his mind because with there is such a disparity in what he likes to do and what the youth like to do. He enjoyed the movie, but the teens he overhears didn’t. He felt out of place at the cafe that was filled with young couples but Tachibana didn’t. This age gap entails more than just age.

Hahahah who knows lol. Maybe your desire for a love triangle might happen but I hope not 😂


It will happen, cakes. There’s nothing stopping it! She didn’t make the first move, I think, because she was just happy with the date itself. She keeps the receipt, the movie booklet and all that stuff because her assertiveness has already yielded what she wanted. But her “want” changed in the last scene when she now wants a kiss. It highlights her innocence, but it also slowly fleshes her out. But her hesitation is very emphatic too, like I don’t think she will make the first kiss, the manager will do it. And I do believe all of his concerns are fleeting, temporary, and it will gradually won’t be an issue for him.

And yes on the triangle!!! so far almost all of my points are being brought up, cakes. mwahahahaha


We shall see about that lol

Ahh maybe. She did keep everything which is very like her, it’s something you’d expect her to do.

True, she did want to kiss him. I found it curious that she wanted to kiss him in a similar manner to how Kase kissed her. Is there a chance that she felt like she wanted to kiss the Manager as well? Like the thought came to her because of her date with Kase?

Akira and Kondo 7

True. If they ever truly reach a point of romance, the Manager will make some moves.

I don’t think it will never be an issue for him. If he gets over it, that will mean he was able to acknowledge it and accept the difficulties it entails. The issue will always be at the back of his mind but he’ll know how to deal with it.

Hahahahaha true say. But a love triangle? That would be kind of funny. I don’t think I’d be able to take it seriously if it happened lol


Yeah, I do believe Kase’s date have an effect on Tachibana. Why did she choose the same cafe, I wonder? I guess it shows her innocence, huh, but the differences of both dates are very interesting.

Oh, you think he’ll make some moves too. right on!!! onto more romance!!! hehe

Hey, the characters are so well done, so I do believe a love triangle is plausible. I mean, Kase is an amazing character. He knows how to get emotional and finally add some josei flavour to this story. Fingers crossed, lol


Maybe because it was close by and a last minute decision so she chose a place she’d been to on a date?

Yeah, true. The parallels are there and they make for a great comparison!

If it goes down that route, then yes. If not, then I’m happy if he comes right out and rejects her.

That’s true but I don’t know, I think it would be amusing to say the least.

That’s true. I think he’ll bring something interesting and some twists to the story to spice things up and I’m looking forward to that.


Pretty weird though, since she even got the same waitress, lol

Oh, a rejection might still happen, like a serious “no”, but we shall see

See, love triangle all the way


Haha yeah

Yeah nothings out of play yet :’)

Hahaha lol if you say so



  1. I absolutely agree with what Keiko said about the line. I noticed that too, there will always be a divide between them. That fleeting wish where Tachibana ran over to Kondou and pecked him on the cheek, said it all. That desire to go over that line – however by not going over that line and walking away told me, Kondou missed a chance. Body language is key here. Tachibana was severely “under dressed” for her date with Kase. As Keiko should know, when a woman comes to her date wearing uber causal clothing, she isn’t bothered or has zero interest in the guy. Her body language said it. She didn’t want him anywhere near her. When it came to Kondou, she made a conscious effort to “pretty” herself up for him. She was touching her hair, wanting him to complement her. That sort of thing.

    Anyway, good post you two!!!! keep it up!! :D.

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    • So true! The visuals were very obvious about Tachibana’s feelings towards the two dates. One she absolutely hated and wanted to forget whilst the other she treasured. It wasn’t even just her body language. Her attitude and speech also demonstrated a vast difference in the two dates. It is really interesting seeing how Tachibana reacted in two situations that were similar yet so different. At the time time, Kase and Kondo’s behaviour also make for a great comparison albeit a funny one.
      Thanks!! 😊 (Sorry for the late reply…)

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    • Really?! I’m looking forward to reading that now! 😊
      I am so behind on manga! I’m probably going to have to go on a reading spree once holiday rolls around hahah :’)

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