Violet Evergarden ep 4

I don’t mind the show fleshing out Violet’s character at a leisurely pace but the repetition of established facts needs to stop. Violet’s behaviour I understand. She is supposed to be doll-like mechanic and her behaviour does lean towards that which is fine. When that part of her character is given the right amount of attention, it’s okay. However, why is it that so far, she has to repeat her inability to understand emotions and why she chose to become a Doll to every character she has interacted with? That is seriously going overboard and it’s starting to become annoying for me.

This does mean that my main issue with this episode was the repetitive nature of what happened. It was clear in this episode that Violet has made some progress since she can explain what she’s thinking but that is overshadowed by how many elements were repeated. For starts there are the two things I’ve already mentioned. Then there’s everyone’s amazement at her taking off her gloves. I understand that it may not may the most mundane thing to see someone with mechanical hands but seriously the gawking needs to stop. This fourth episode just felt like it was following a recipe that was created from the rest: Violet enters the scene, everyone stares at her in amazement, she makes a mistake, she states she can’t understand emotions, she’s questioned why she became a Doll and then she resolves her own mistake and all of a sudden, the character that was with her on this journey sees her in a new light. If this becomes the staple for this show, I will be disappointed because it’s such a boring formula with way too much repetition.

Violet 6

Iris didn’t really help matters because she just isn’t an interesting character. Her story felt petty at best when compared to Luculia’s story which was far more effective that Iris’s. With Iris, what we have is a personal problem, that is someone who rejected her in the past turns up to her birthday party which her parents organised so that she could find herself a man. The whole thing just feels kind of underwhelming when compared to last week. Also, Iris comes across as immature with the way she deals with the situation which doesn’t make her much of a likeable character at all.

This doesn’t mean the episode was without good moments. Whilst it did feel slightly dragged out, the bow that Violet gave Iris’s family was truly beautiful. It did emphasise how she does try and do everything to the best of her ability, taking on the role of a Doll as perfectly as she could. Another moment that really stood out was when Iris explained her name and then Violet recalled how she received her name. Iris’s parents named her after the flower that was in bloom at the time of her birth. The field of Iris’s did look beautiful and it is a pretty name so that story works well. For Violet, well it turns out she didn’t have a name until the Major gave her one and that too, because he saw a Violet growing on the side of a tree so he gave her that name in hopes that one day she’ll grow into a woman befitting the name and not a tool. I can’t help but wonder why he took her to war if he didn’t want her to be a tool? Did he not have a choice? I’m intrigued by her past which does seem more interesting than her present right now.

For an episode that really annoyed me due to its repetitive content and underwhelming story, the ending was beautiful and did leave me wondering about Violet’s past. Somehow, even an episode like this, is somehow enjoyable. It may seem like I hated this episode, but I did enjoy watching it despite its glaring issues.



    • Exactly. Hopefully ep 5 will be better! I think the show has spent enough time establishing Violet’s character and nature now.
      True say. It’s alreasy starting to stagnate so it can’t go in for much longer really.

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