Winter 2018 – Weekly Roundup: Week 5

Hi guys! I have had such a busy week to day but somehow I did manage to catch up on all the anime today! There will be a delay in episode reviews but they should be out sooner than later! A lot of the episodes this week were really good especially Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens which has got me really exciting for this new arc!


3-gatsu no lion season 2 cover3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 – ep 16

The first half of the episode was very much about Souya. The quietness with just the rain falling and being heard emphasised his perspective on things and having the constant sound of the shogi pieces falling on the board also emphasised just what mind space Souya is in and that Rei has the potential to go down that route. However, I have to say I enjoyed seeing Nikaidou’s happy face again. That, with the scene at the Kawamoto’s brought back some of the liveliness which was much appreciated.


Gintama Season 7 coverGintama Season 7 – ep 5

A lot was packed into this episode with characters making their return, gags being flung in and the plot moving on. It was a fast paced episode but not so much that it was hard to keep up with. It picked up from where the last episode left off with the Shinsengumi’s return before introducing Zenzo and the Oniwaban joining the fray before, Gengai unleashes his powerful machine with the help of Tama and Kintoki who may have to give up their lives to keep the machine running. Honestly, it was a good episode in terms of content but the animation was terrible. That was a let-down.


Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens coverHakata Tonkotsu Ramens – ep 5

Now I’m just super excited for whatever is to come. Ninja v Samurai? Bring it on! The set up was pretty fun to watch to everything. Satou’s being hunted down and so is Banba. Of course for totally different reasons that relate to the same incident. It’s just funny how both the Ninja and the Samurai just so happen to be a baller and batter respectively in baseball. This is just too much fun honestly!



Hakumei to Mikochi coverHakumei to Mikochi – ep 5

This was a really good episode showcasing the type of work Hakumei does whilst at the same time introducing new characters. Hakumei was a freelance worker but because of her connections, this week I guess in a sense, she’s joined a guild. It was nice seeing an episode that actually flowed and that showcased the persistent and optimistic nature of Hakumei.



Koi wa Ameagari no You ni coverKoi wa Ameagari no You ni – ep 5

Hamsters sure do change a lot in one’s life! (Coincidentally this week my friend got a hamster and I have been obsessing over it so I relate). For Tachibana this meant some rea good news since she went to Kondo’s house, ended up wearing his t shirt and was that a bout of jealousy at the end? The thing is, it feels really one sided. Like Kondo thought things ended but he hasn’t actually said “no” to Tachibana yet so they’re still in a bit of a stale stage. Though, I think it’s all good because watching Tachibana develop is pretty amazing and seeing new sides to Kondo is always interesting as well!


Kokkoku coverKokkoku – ep 5

This was a good episode providing Majima’s backstory and motives to her present actions. It moves the plot along nicely and gives the show some urgency with her now tracking Juri and having left the Society. Also, Tsubasa proved to be a decent uncle, saving Makoto from a knife wielding Society thug. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what will happen next week.



Mahoutsukai no Yome cover

Mahoutsukai no Yome – ep 17

A really interesting story came into play this week going back to Ashen Eye and the animal pelt he gifted Chise as she used that to win a little game Ashen Eye played against her and the girl she was helping. However, it was his words that I felt were emphasised this episode and they weren’t directed at the girl but at Chise. The episode brought with it the concept of family and seeing Chise at the end, with Elias in her shadows suggests something is going to happen. Ashen Eye’s message about the power of words will probably be of great significance considering how a family has been established in Elias’ home and now Chise faces a human family. Right when she has settled in, it seems like something has now unsettled her and it will be interesting to see where the show goes next.


Nanatsu no Taizai Imashime no Fukkatsu coverNanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – ep 4

Whilst the title of the episode referred to the Ten Commandments, most of the episode was about King and him regaining his position as king and showcasing what his weapon is truly capable of. King does go to all length to support those dear to him, something that had been showcased and emphasised in season one so I’m glad the show wasted no time in getting into the action and presenting this side to King. Ban getting stabbed was of no surprise and neither was the ending. Still, Hawk’s commentary is getting very annoying and honestly it’s bringing down what are otherwise some really good moments in the show.


Overlord II cover

Overlord II – ep 5

I’m guessing this was the official last episode of the lizard men arc. The jokes were well played and the fight between Cocyutus and the lizard men was also well done especially for a fight where the answer was obvious. The lizard men really didn’t stand a chance. Ains played his role as a villain. It’s interesting because rather than playing the role, he is starting to come across as a villain which makes me question, how much of his personality is he losing and how much of him has truly become Ains? Aside from that, it was a nice ending to this and now, I’m wondering what we’re going to get next.


Ryuuou no Oshigoto! coverRyuuou no Oshigoto! – ep 5

The first meeting between Ai and Ai played out like a wife finding her husband cheating. It was terrible but the match between the two Ai’s was a different story. That wasn’t too bad to watch. I don’t like this shows approach to the relationship Kuzuryuu is shown building with the girls. It doesn’t feel like a Master disciple relationship which it should be. I guess it sort of adds to the comedic factor but more times than not, it feels a bit too much and just doesn’t come out right.


Violet Evergarden coverViolet Evergarden – ep 5

I really enjoyed this episode. Whilst the time gap did make everything feel slightly out of place, I liked seeing Violet play more of a side character role than a protagonist. It helped showcase exactly how much she has grown since last week and exactly what she is capable of. Charlotte and Damian’s story was also really cute and it fit the overall theme of “love”. Here’s a way the show was able to present Violet’s nature, growth and her understanding of love without making her say the same lines again. It looks like next week’s episode is going to have a different tone since the last scenes of Violet’s past were very violent. I actually welcome that since I do want to know more about Violet.


Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line coverYowamushi Pedal: Glory Line – ep 5

I’m not going to lie, whilst watching this episode, I forgot it was still the first day. There are still two more days of racing to go for. It was so intense that I forgot this. Yowa has clearly upped the intensity of the match to the fullest already and I don’t see where it plans to go from here. As I said, this would be anybody’s victory and sure enough Ashikiba came from behind to win and Naruko and Midousuji tied for second place. That means the fight between these two is far from over. With the second day now coming up, I can only begin to imagine what the ride is going to be like. Sohoku are going to have to overcome this huge loss somehow but I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction when they realise who has come to watch. That is sure to shake them up!


Zoku Touken Ranbu Hanamaru coverZoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru – ep 5

I really liked this episode. The first half of the episode had a nice twist of two swords singing whilst preparing dinner for their younger brother. The second half of the episode dealt with Kashuu. He hasn’t been sent on a mission for a long time now and that has been weighing him down. Lucky for him, the reason he isn’t being sent is because he is too strong and the Master want the other swords to catch up to him. There were also more scenes of Yasusada so hopefully he will be coming back into the story soon.




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