Kokkoku ep 5

Majima’s backstory has finally been brought to light and it does give her motive and propels the story forward. With the pacing of this anime so far, and with how things are revealed in small bites, I feel like this anime would be better binge watched than weekly because then all the parts would come together and the events would flow better. This weekly wait is making the whole thing feel dragged out.

Majima is just one of those characters. Her link to Juri has been hinted at since she made her appearance on the show but nothing was clarified. Only small details were dropped like they’d met in Stasis or that Majima had experienced Juri’s powers. It wasn’t until the revelation Majima gave us about her family last episode followed by the flashback this week that really gave us all the detail we need. Now things make more sense about her character but it did take five episodes to get to that point. I do wish we had this information sooner but it kind of makes sense in the timeline of things to have Majima’s revelation after Jisan’s explanation of how and why Juri entered the Stasis the first time around and what happened from his point of view.

Majima’s flashback gave us a lot of information. First off, her family had a stone and were going somewhere. It was at this time that Jisan started up his spell and at the same, Majima’s brother’s tears fall inside the stone and they get dragged into everything. Everyone in her family felt despair of existing in Stasis and were turned in to Handlers and Majima was very close to it herself if she hadn’t bumped into Juri who used her power to force Majima out of Stasis. Now that explains what Majima meant. She never had the power but that she had experienced it before. It also gives her a clear motive which is made certain through Sagawa’s experiment which caused three handlers to appear. It was interesting that these Handlers looked sort of incomplete and still retained some of their human clothing. Is that because they were made in recent history? Either way, now Majima knows for sure that her family became Handler’s hence she wants to test and see if Juri’s powers work on them so that she can at least retrieve their bones.

With this, the show now has some urgency to get things moving forward. The Society are still sort of just there and not doing much. It does feel like Sagawa has guessed what happened to Juri’s family but he still doesn’t feel like a real threat. He hasn’t done anything nor has be displayed any motives that would make him seem like an antagonist. He just has a grim face that’s all. Hopefully the show will be able to shed some light on his character in the coming episodes especially now that Majima is clearly rebelling against them and is following her own motives.

Sagawa 2.jpg

The rest of the episode followed the Yukawa’s as Juri and Jisan went to rescue Takafumi and Tsubasa and Makoto make their way home. I find Takafumi to be pretty annoying and he is quite the weak willed character since he would rather do what the Society tell him to even though he knows they’re lying to him. Right now, he just wants to get out of here alive and it is understandable since this is such an unordinary situation for a man who has never experienced such a thing.

On the other side of thing, Tsubasa tackled a member of the Society thugs who was about to attack them with a knife. He managed to save Makoto and is being a good uncle in that regard. The show ended on the usual cliff hanger but I hope we get to see more of him soon because he is growing on me as a character and I doubt the show would just kill him off at the half way point though that would be quite the twist!

Tsubasa 2

All in all, this episode was good. Majima’s backstory did quite a bit at propelling the plot forward and giving her motive and direction. Hopefully that will translate through and give the Society some motive to act as well because they still don’t come across as antagonists at all.




  1. I’m also hoping the other characters will get a bit more development soon as that is probably the biggest issue with the show so far. We still don’t have much reason to care about the conflict between the family and the society.

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    • True. To be fair, the conflict between the family and society has yet to be clarified. We know it’s regarding the stone but we don’t know why they want the stone. Hopefully we get more development of the society soon.

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