Nanatsu no Taizai Imashime no Fukkatsu ep 4

Since the last episode closed with Albion closing in on the Fairy King’s Forest, it made sense that most of this episode was about King’s fight against Albion rather than taking us back to Meliodas and the rest. This show works best with the action scenes. It always has and this week clearly showcased that. The minute we headed back to Meliodas’ gang, Hawk, who honestly is one of my favourite characters, started spouting numbers. It’s probably the one thing I’m going to have an issue with this season but at least the entire episode wasn’t peppered with it.

King’s fight against Albion was quite amazing to watch. The thing with King is, he always put up a good fight. He isn’t super powered like Meliodas but neither is he weak. However, against Albion, he was outclassed. Albion may have been easily blown away by Meliodas’ full counter but that’s because Meliodas is special and he knew Albion’s weakness. Whilst King is the Fairy King, he isn’t actually some super powered beast but he is strong. King’s strength isn’t necessarily physical and nor does it come from his weapon. King’s strength, is his desire to protect those he loves which was showcased in season one. His people may kick him out, they may refuse him but, King still loves them. He still wants to protect his home hence he stands up fights against Albion even if he knows he might be outclassed. That’s what makes him so strong; he doesn’t give up. One of the reasons why Chastiefol answers to King and probably the reason why he was chosen as king was because of how caring and pure his heart is. The last attack King dealt, and the strongest, was because Chastiefol recognised King’s strong desire to protect what’s dear to him and replied to that. It was the same with the fairies. They realised why King was fighting and once again remembered why they loved him as their king in the first place and returned to him.

It’s interesting that the one character that always saw him as king actually attacked Ban. Gerheade attacked Ban, wanting him to stay in the forest as food for the tree, as the new fountain of youth, not as the new king. To her, King will always be king since he was chosen. Ban has no issues with this because he never wanted kingship anyways. All he wants is to bring Elaine back. Knowing he loves her, Gerheade uses that against him, stabbing him with her powers. Though I doubt that will stop Ban. Even a shot through the heart won’t kill him and I have a feeling he will go on his journey. With the fight against Albion now over, and King effectively out of action for some tie, anything can happen between Gerheade and Ban.

Ban 5

Until then, the story will probably be about Meliodas & co since the latter part of the episode did shift to them. Meliodas explained to Arthur what Albion was which was followed by an explanation of Meliodas’ power, using the new technique Hawk has gotten! Honestly, it is really annoying. It does help clarify things like how strong Meliodas’ clones are but isn’t there a more effective way to do that than rely on numbers? Somehow the stats just bore me. The tension and the fear that should be felt, just seem to disappear when the numbers come into play. Like when Galand interrupts them and lands in Camelot, the pressure shot up. It had me on the edge because here’s one of the Ten Commandments and he is here to pick a fight with Meliodas. That was a really good scene and then Hawk had to say his stats. I mean one look at its clear Galand is powerful. Knowing his power surpasses Meliodas isn’t surprising because that’s the impression their initial appearance left me with. They are monsters that are too strong. Knowing that, and having it unspoken creates more tension than simply stating the stats. I just can’t see myself getting used to these stats but I’ll try to ignore them because I don’t want my experience of the show getting ruined because of this.

Galand 1

With that, though, the Ten Commandments have jumped into action, well at least one of them. I am looking forward to Galand’s fight and I have to wonder how it will play out since he hasn’t regained his full strength and Meliodas still doesn’t have whatever he is missing from Merlin. Either way I am intrigued to see how it plays out and fingers crossed there is no stats readings to interrupt whatever we are given next week!


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