It is a pretty mundane episode. I just wanna see what you make of it really. :’)


What flower is this, cakes?

Flowers 1.jpg


I’m not too sure.


I don’t know much about flowers myself, hahaha.

And it’s a pretty mundane episode, I agree.

Nothing much happened at all.

There are a lot of scenes focusing on Tachibana’s slender young body though.


Hahah same here. Flowers just aren’t my thing lol. It was mundane.


Imma research that though, cause I love flower language. It appeared right when manager and Tachibana shared a cute scene with the umbrella too.

I think the whole “focusing on her body” is some slight subliminal approach by the show, making you wonder about Tachibana. xD or maybe I’m just a creep.


If you do find out what flower it is let me know :’)

True. I liked that umbrella scene though the hamster fiasco was my favourite because it was hilarious! It makes you wonder about her but it also gives her a sensual atmosphere. Like she’s not just an innocent little girl but a teenager who can be seen in that light.


It distracted from the love build up! But yeah, it was cute, which was the part you like, right? Do you mean the scene where Tachibana got jealous of her co-workers, or the one where she hid in the closet? Both were hilarious though.

Yeah, see, the anime is making her mature in that sense. I mean, shots of her legs, her slender hips, her back and bra strap, like whoa there, I get it.

But wait! The manager never seems to react to it though.


What love build up? I didn’t see any. All I saw was Tachibana becoming pushier and obsessive.

Both really. To be fair the closet scene almost pushed it but in the end everything was kept within boundaries. It could have gone horribly wrong but it didn’t.

Yeah I guess in a sense it is. She is shown as mature but she isn’t mature. At least I don’t think she is which is interesting in itself.

I don’t think the Manager has realised the weight of Tachibana’s feelings or her motives. He thought things were over with the date. That a date would appease her and that would be it. I don’t know whether that was just naive on his part or whether he truly didn’t understand Tachibana’s confession because it caught him off guard.


Yeah, I meant we didn’t see any love build up because the cuteness took over. I want some more flirting and stuff, like last episode.

It was cute of Tachibana to actually hide and play along. I guess seeing sweat trickle down her face is what made me ask the question about being with her lol.

Last episode already established that she isn’t that mature. Stubborn though, since even manager was surprised she still liked him. He had a line like “I thought it ended at the date” or something like that.

Kondo 9.jpg

Yeah, that one. and yes, the manager is a bit confusing too. We already know Tachibana’s rock solid feelings so all that’s left is the manager’s side. He’s warming up though, right? Because of the umbrella scene?


Ahh I see. That depends on the characters because as it stands it is still very one sided with Tachibana being pushy and Kondo sort of just taking it not fully understanding what he has gotten into really.

I guess so. She gets along with Yuuto which is good but no matter how I look at it, she used a kid to get into the home of someone she likes so she can get to know him better.

Hiding was part of Yuuto’s plan and it worked nicely to showcase what Kondo is like as a father so I guess she did well playing along.

Yeah. He did say that. Makes me question exactly what he thought her confession was.

You think he’s warming up? See I liked how he was completely taken back by it. He wasn’t expecting her to come at him like that which left him in shock. Since there was a time jump it’s hard to say what he truly felt but seeing how he acts around Tachibana makes me think he still hasn’t completely grasped the situation. I feel like until he doesn’t realise that Tachibana is serious, things won’t move forward.


And looks like it’ll be a while before we actually see some action, with the manager at least. Maybe he’ll have to undergo some soul searching first or something, but things need to be light hearted though. Maybe the other guy can do something, I dunno, I want some action. I’m sorry, I’m a creep xD

I like that aggressive part about her. She’s really pushing for it, and I do hope she gets it someday. But again, shocked that the manager lives alone. I guess you kinda get a good idea about his low self-esteem given the state of his apartment. What do you think?

Yeah, he gave a weird “huh?” reaction to her, but I feel like the more she does it, the more he’ll have to slowly realize how serious she is. Plus, the umbrella scene kinda levelled them again once more as “a boy and girl” scene, y’know. I think there’s hope. This train is still on tracks. Haha

Cakes, is it a white lily???? My 2 AM eyes might be wrong

Lily means purity, innocence 😕


Yeah, that’s true.

Hahaha you just want action don’t you lol? I like this slow approach.

Yeah she is being pretty aggressive. I feel like it wouldn’t work though. He is a pushover and she is aggressive. That just doesn’t bode well.

Well I guess so. It just came across as a typical single man’s living quarters lol.

But did you see that hidden room?! And he had the works of Akutagawa! Tachibana’s class were reading Akutagawa!


Yeah he will have to realise that she is serious at some point. He won’t be able to ignore that for long.

Do you think? I felt like it did the opposite. Yuuto and Kondo had the same umbrella colour and Tachibana had purple. It really stood out. It sort of emphasised the divide between them rather than bring them closer together. She is separate from Kondo and Yuuto.

Hahaha you hold on to your hope. 😂

Maybe it is a white lily…. I have no clue lol


I do want action. A kiss, some hugging or anything that’ll make me fangirl, lol.

Opposite attracts, cakes. And narrative-wise, we should get some sort of pay off. At least, she will. I feel like a rejection might come, but only after the relationship has been explored a bit further than where it is now.

Oh wow, I didn’t pick up on the Akutagawa thing. What do you think it means? And his apartment feels lonely, like he IS single but he’s miserable being single. Haha you focused on the umbrella. I focused on the shirts. It felt like a mirror scene, but it’s a “boy and a girl” looking in a mirror of sorts. xD But, there is a divide. That is obvious, and I think that’s why she uttered those lines. 🙂


Akira 17


Hahaha there will be some action but who knows what form it will take.

True opposites attract but in this case, I don’t see it. Yeah a rejection looks very likely but as you said, not until the relationship has been explored.

The bookworm in me was screaming at that. Unfortunately, I don’t know. I’m not sure what Tachibana’s class were reading and in Kondo’s apartment he had the ‘complete works of Akutagawa’ which doesn’t say much really. I just feel like it has to mean something. It can’t be coincidence.

But seeing all the papers scattered around that room suggests to me that he may enjoy a form of writing. He clearly likes reading so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Maybe though that one room suggests a lot of joy to me. Like, he still enjoys and cares about this hobby of his even though it’s never actually been voiced.

Haha I see what you mean. She is wearing his shirt after all. Yeah and I feel like it came from a realisation that she knows very little about the man she claims to love. All she really knows about him is what he’s like at work, he has a child from a previous marriage and now, that he likes reading. It’s not a lot really. I can see why she said that because you would want to know more about the person you claim to love.

Hahaha yeah you are lol.


As long as it’s some good action, then I’m fine with it.

We’re not at a stage where the attraction is happening, so just sit tight. It’ll get here.

I know very little of Akutagawa, like he wrote “In a Grove” which is fairly popular. Not sure how he fits into After the Rain though. I’ll research that.

Akutagawa’s influences are apparently about the dominating women of his life, so I’m sure it’s deeper than that. It might reflect the manager though.

Wow, you really liked that room, huh? It’s a shame we never really went inside it. I do love its mature vibe, like this is the manager stripped of his shortcomings.

Yeah, Tachibana’s work will soon get a payoff. I’m sure of that.


Lol there’ll probably be some of that soon :’)


I read some of his works when I was younger so I don’t really remember it all that well. But I feel like it can’t be a coincidence for his name to pop up twice with the two main characters to boot or I’m just reading way too much into it.


I loved it! The way the light shone in that room and the stacks of books with dust particles flying around lightly just shows how well used that room is. It’s his secret space, his world where he can be himself. Exactly, it’s a space where he is Kondo. Not a manager, not a divorced man and not a father. He is just Kondo sitting with his books. Well, that’s what I think anyways. :’)

They will pay off – as a life lesson or experience. Lol


Yes, action is coming. In what form, we shall see. Hehe

No no, if there’s one thing I like about this anime is that nothing is out of place. The flower language and even Akutagawa, I’m sure the author placed that as some sort of clue. This is really why I like the anime. It takes advantage of its visual elements to tell the story. I mean, this episode alone emphasized on Tachibana’s sexy body, the manager’s state of self and their innocent love through the visuals alone. This episode had nothing in it plot wise, but our convo is long, lol. I’m sure Akutagawa is there for a reason.

Yes, I felt that too. I do wish we actually see manager inside that room all vulnerable and personal. Oh, nice. it is a life lesson for Tachibana for sure, since it is established early on that she is experiencing youthful love.


Yeah we will lol.

True say. I do have to wonder how this one fits in though. Oh and if I remember correctly, in the last episode, Kondo quoted from Rashomon so there’s that as well.

It sure does. I really like that. I feel like the little details reveal a lot about the characters which is a nice way of showcasing their personalities and how they are perceived.

True. It would be nice to see that.



The Rashomon thing is up your ally cakes, so I think you should research that. 😛

I only know the grove story. xD


I’m on it. I will get to the bottom of it! It’s going to bug me until I do so I’m going to go research it and see what I find lol.

Rashomon’s pretty interesting. :’)


Sounds like an adventure. Update me on what you find, lol


Will do!! 🙂


After we finished talking about the show, I went back to previous episodes and I realised, what Tachibana’s class were reading and what Kondo was quoting was actually from the same text – Rashomon. I will go and research the connection when I get time. Probably in the next few weeks. 

Anyways, what did you guys make of the episode? Do you guys have any thoughts on the flower or literary references?