Violet Evergarden ep 5

I would say this is the second best episode of the show so far, with episode one still being my favourite. It did away with the repetition that plagued previous episodes and presented a new way of showcasing Violet’s development, one that I enjoyed. This time, the story focused on Charlotte and her marriage, which was a really cute story, with Violet playing more of a supporting role than protagonist which worked really well.

We did get an attempt of this in episode three where the story was told through another character but this episode did a better job of it. Charlotte was allowed to do some growing up as well which made her character feel more fleshed out. Of course, Violet took something away from this as well. At first I thought Charlotte was quite bratty but by the end of it, she did feel like a mature fourteen-year-old. The scenes between her and the maid helped showcase this change in her. Whilst at the beginning Charlotte relied on her for everything and didn’t want to part from her, by the end, she has realised that if she is to marry Damien, not only will she leave her maid behind, but her home as well and she is able to accept that. Hence the last scene between the maid and Charlotte was so beautiful.

Charlotte 1.jpg

The love story itself and the role Violet played was also pretty interesting. Initially, the letters exchanged were grand, metaphorical statements of love. These letters had very little to do with the Charlotte or Damien’s feelings. They were written by Dolls for diplomatic purposes after all. However, after hearing what Charlotte truly wanted, that is, to know if Damien actually loved her and wanted to marry her, Violet decides to change gears. As a Doll, her objective to convey the emotions of her client. Whilst this time around, her job was to write the letters that could be displayed in public to show the two nations eventual union, Violet couldn’t help but feel she wasn’t doing her job well since Charlotte’s true intentions were not being conveyed by the letters. In the end this resulted in shorter letters, written by Charlotte and Damien rather than the Dolls and so began their courtship. Violet understood what Charlotte really wanted and was able to find a way to achieve that. Charlotte was able to express herself through words and find out Damien’s feelings. These shorter love letters were far more effective because they were filled with their feelings and even the audience reading the letters in each country could see that. It read like a love story, which it was.

All in all, then, this was a good episode. Presenting Violet as more of a side character worked really well as it helped showcase exactly what she does and how that affects others. If there was one issue I had with this, was the sudden time leap. It has been months I presume since the last episode but there is little indication given of that but I am happy that the story is moving along. Diethard was introduced at the end of the episode with a snapshot of Violet’s past so I’m looking forward to see what the next episode will bring and what it will reveal about Violet’s past.



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