A Walk Through the Park – Creative Aniblogger Collaboration

Hi guys! So this was part of a collab that I did with some bloggers over on Discord and we’ve finally got around to posting it! So the idea was to write a short story with certain rules attached.

The rules were:

  • max word limit of 10k
  • about a couple in a park
  • one anime genre has to be the main focus (our genre’s were picked randomly)

I was given slice of life. Yeah, don’t expect anything to happen in this short story. But, I hope you like what I did!

But before we get to that, here are the links to everyone else’s stories so do check them out! 

  • Plyasm’s mystery story can be found here
  • AstralGemini’s ecchi story can be found here
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I hope you enjoy everyone’s work! 

Here we go! 

Like any other day, today as well, we walked home together. Our walk takes us through the park behind the school. The park separates three main roads in an almost triangle, with our school being the point where two of these roads meet. This park is huge but our walk down the pathway is on one side of this vast plane. Next to the fence with concrete buildings on the left and grassland spreading out to the right.

The sides of the sidewalk were lined with trees, their leaves colours of fire and sunset. They shaded the sky, creating a canopy, or more like soldiers with their swords pointing diagonally up so their tips met above our heads. Under our feet leaves formed a soft carpet covering the ground. A crisp wind whistled through the air, through the soldiers, shaking their armour, causing bits to chip off and dance to the ground to join the existing carpet. There, the leaves rustled and twirled around our feet as if dancing to a tune unbeknownst to us. It didn’t feel like we were in the city, not when all around us was nature. Trees and green greeted the eye when I looked up, and nothing else. No sound but a quick shuffle of leaves as a squirrel ran across the grass and up a tree or a caw of a bird flying overhead. This was nature’s melody and we were walking in it.

We walked silently, each in our own worlds. Close enough to touch, our hands brushing against the other but far enough that we never truly touched. We walked in harmony with the other, arms swinging to a tune created by the wind around us. We didn’t need to talk or look at each other. The silence spoke, silently, the words we wanted to say. The conversation we were having was conveyed in every step, in every swing, in every brush of the fingertips. At such times, it just felt right to enjoy the comfort of nature’s tune rather than disrupt it with voices.

This was the time I liked best. All my worries would dissipate in the wind and I’d forget about the reality that awaited me. My inner turmoil would calm like the sea sleeping after a storm and I could let everything go. For this one walk, nothing really mattered. It didn’t have to. I had you next to me and nature around me. I was at peace. Life always seemed much better, much brighter at these moments. I felt I could do it all. Conquer my demons. Conquer life and stand above it all. Victorious. You’d laugh to yourself seeing my daydream look and secret smile because you knew what was going on inside. But you never said a word because you didn’t have to. Our finger tips brushed against each other conveying all that needed to be said.

Especially at this time of year, I really liked our walk home. When the days are getting shorter and the air growing colder. When sunset is earlier and the nights much longer. At these times, when we walk home, the park starts off enshrined in the glows of the sunset. The brilliant hues of fiery red and warm oranges, tinted with a light pink on the edges. The trees would have a sort of glow about them, even though slowly but surely their armour was falling apart. And after that, the whole place would gradually be plunged into inky darkness. It wasn’t the type of darkness that blinded but the type of darkness that crept up like a surprise hug. The sky would slowly turn a silky black and the stars would blink to life next to their faithful moon who shone down on nature, creating a soft glow around everything she touched. There were no streetlights around us so it really did feel like we had been transported. Everything around us was lit by nature and nothing else.

And all too soon the exit of the park came into view. The lights from the car park illuminated the surrounding area as the sound of the busy city reached our ears. The park had a car park near its entrance that, this late in the evening was almost empty. There were a few cars waiting for their owners to come and revive them but not many. The roads that were fast approaching us were busy with cars racing home or lined at the traffic lights waiting for the signal. Somehow with the city this close, this time, your pace quickened and mines slowed slightly. I was walking next to you, a step behind.  We exited the park and continued walking down the road whilst the noise and busyness of the city enveloped us. Car engines and traffic lights could be heard drowning the voices of people that passed by talking on the phone or to one another. The busy city pulled us back to reality and there was no escape from it. Our pace quickened as we joined the hustle and bustle wanting to get home and to safety, away from the city lights. We walked together until we came to traffic lights. We stopped to say good bye as usual. You smiled at me. I smiled back before waving and running across the road when the traffic light turned red. I turned around to see you standing there. I waved at you, you waved back and we both turned around and walked our separate ways.

So what did you guys think of it? If anyone wants to take a shot at writing a short story based on the rules we made for ourselves than feel free to! 🙂 


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