My Reasons Why

Kimchi created this wonderful tag when she hit 200 followers. It’s a wonderful idea to help remind us of the things we forget easily that keep us going no matter how bad things get. So I was nominated by Aldael and Magicconan so thank you guys for the nomination.


  1. Mention the person who nominated you.
  2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living.
  3. Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  4. Use the picture that I created in your post.

My Reasons Why

My Reasons Why:

1) Reading

The smell of books, the turn of a page, the world within words all fill me with an unexplainable joy. Reading is one of my biggest joys and something I’ve been doing ever since I learnt to read. It’s become part of me in a sense. Reading isn’t just me reading the words on a page, or building the world through the authors words, it is also me talking and having a conversation with these characters as they tell me their story and I mine, a story that is always my experience and nobody else’s. Knowing that there are so many books that I have yet to read makes me look forward to the next time I can pick up a book and read.

2) Studies

Weird I know but no matter how much I moan about all the essays I have to write and exam revision, I love studying. It’s one of my biggest driving forces that pushes me forward to keep going and keep improving so that I can fulfil my dreams. Plus, the funny thing is when I was younger, one my goals that I set myself was to attend uni and study something I loved. It may seem like a simple goal but I wanted to set myself something I knew I could achieve and that was the first step. So knowing I achieved it and I could go on to achieve all the other goals I’ve set myself gives me courage to keep moving forward because you never know what you can do until you give it a shot.

3) Family

Here’s an obvious one. My family always have my back and they’re always there to support me and pick me up when things get tough. I know I can rely on them and that’s more than enough for me.

4) Friends

Where would I be without them? I love my friends and they’ve always got my back. I’ve known my closest friends for nearly ten years now so we’re more like family than anything. If there’s something I’m having trouble with I know they’ll listen to me and they always know how to put a smile on my face when I’m not having the best of days. I’m glad I have them around.

5) Promises and goals

I’ve promised myself to never give up and set goals that I want to achieve. They are realistic enough that with time, as long as I don’t give up, I should be able to achieve them. Knowing that there’s still a long way to go keeps me going. I don’t care about reaching the finish line because I’m just enjoying the ride for now and knowing that this journey will be worth it, makes me want to keep going.

6) Determination

I have no intentions of giving up. That’s never crossed my mind. I want to keep going and finish everything that I ever start. Things may get tough at times but because I know I have people supporting me, I continue along because that’s all I can do.

7) Time

With time, old wounds heal, old memories are buried only to be recalled as something precious and we change. Time stops for nobody and if that’s the case why should I come to a standstill if the world will continue around me?

8) Blogging

Blogging has allowed me to connect and talk to you guys which has been an amazing experience so far. It has also allowed me to share my thoughts on anime in a different way which I’m enjoying a lot. And of course, it connected me to you guys! I want to continue my blogging journey and see where it leads me and because I have this little blog to keep going, and you guys to connect with, how can I not keep going?

9) Dreams

We all have them and there is no way I’m leaving without having seen at least one my dreams through to the end. What’s the point of dreaming big if that’s all they remain? Might as well try and see where it leads me right?

10) Too much to do!

There’s too much to do! I still need to go places, see thing, experience things and meet new people. Who would give that up for anything? Nobody knows what the future holds but there is a lot I want to check off my list and knowing that is exciting. Life is exciting no matter how bad it gets and I am enjoying that rollercoaster right now.

11) My name

Is not Keiko though it is a beautiful name and one that I use for my online self. There’s like three stories behind my real name, two that explain its two different meanings and one why my parents chose it. They wanted a name that was similar to my older sister’s name so found one that has one letter difference and now they’re the ones that get our names muddled up. Oh well. I like my name since it’s pretty unique. I want to become someone worthy of the meanings associated with my name so that I can give something back to my parents who gave me such a unique name on a whim.

12) Me

Probably the biggest reason I guess. I do everything primarily for myself because well, isn’t that what life is? I am my biggest supporter and my worst demon but also the biggest reason for why I keep going.

13) Because I can

I want to and I can and that’s all there is to it really.

And those are my 13 reasons! 🙂 

My Nominations





  1. I do it because I can usually isn’t a particularly valid reason to do anything but in this case it fits well. The list somehow feels ethereal and philosophical – something a well-grounded, generally content and hopeful person would write.

    Liked by 2 people

    • True it’s not much of a reason but it’s also the biggest reason lol :’)
      Haha thanks. I’m not always the most content person but I do try and be hopeful and get through things one step at a time 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The best scent in the world is a book and I agree that there is no feeling like it. Blogging has been something amazing in my life also. So many amazing encouraging people on wordpress and I’m so happy to have met all of you!

    Liked by 2 people

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