Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu ep 22

Once again Escanor’s strength was reaffirmed in his fights against Estarossa. It felt kind of one sided because Escanor was at his peak due to it being midday during the fight. Seeing Escanor is fight is quite amazing so I’m glad most of this episode was about that. And of course, Meliodas is back!

Considering Estarossa’s commandment, it makes sense that nobody harbouring revenge or hatred could move. In that sense, that makes Escanor special because all he seems to harbour is pride. No wonder he’s the sin of pride! To Escanor, Estarossa is nothing so he doesn’t feel any hatered towards him and their fight did go to show that. whilst at first it seemed that Estarossa had the upper hand, since he landed quite the few blows and used full counter, in the end, Escanor overpowered him. Escanor brought out his magic knowing the damage it could do to those standing behind him. Howzer’s armour was melting on him because Escanor was basically holding the sun in his palm. Of course, Escanor isn’t heartless or anything like that and did move the battle to a lake which he evaporated in mere moments and, since the sun was at its peak, it didn’t take much for Escanor to take down Estarossa. Though I doubt he’s gone completely because Zeldris stepped in to try and save him and both were blasted away so I do expect both to return for the final showdown.

One could, however, argue, that Zeldris had already done what he needed to. By using his commandment, he basically turned the people of Liones into zombie puppets that went to attack the palace. It’s a perfect way to take over because the holy knights aren’t going to attack their own people and hurt them. Even the king wouldn’t allow something like that so, to ensure their safety, they probably would hand over Liones if that was the only option they had.

That would be a desperate measure for sure, just like the move Denzel decided to pull. His decision to give up his life so that a goddess from the goddess clan could take possession of his body and take on Derieri and Monspeet backfired spectacularly. Arguably, the goddess clan should have a pretty good fighting chance against the demons but this goddess had zero chance really. One of the deciding factors here, was her fear of Derieri. Once she saw her, the goddess clearly felt fear and tried to run away. I have no clue what happened but it seems like some sort of treaty was broken and the demon children and women taken prisoner were killed. I’m guessing someone that Derieri was close to died in that mess. Still, to see a goddess taken down in one fell swoop wasn’t what I expected. It just goes to show that not all goddesses are amazing fighters like they are made out to be. Still, it’s a shame Denzel had to die just for the goddess he summoned to die without doing much.

At least there’s still some hope because Meliodas is back! After the encounter with the goddess, Monspeet retreats with Derieri. The way he treats Derieri suggests that he cares deeply for her and wants to protect her which would have come across as quite familial and interesting had these characters been given more time to grow. So far, all I see them as are Commandments that are bringing destruction. It’s a shame they didn’t get much development. Anyways, they sense someone approaching and that would be mother pig carrying Elizabeth and Zaratras, who are fighting demons as they approach. Hawk decided to eat part of a demon so he’s now a demon pig which is amusing in its own way. It’s interesting that when the two groups do clash, Derieiri goes straight for Elizabeth because she senses the goddess inside of her and holds a grudge against her. Maybe the goddess inside Elizabeth is the one that did something to Derieri or has something to do with the treaty from earlier. Whatever the case, Derieri is out to kill Elizabeth and that’s when Meliodas returns in the nick of time to save Elizabeth. Of course. Knowing the Meliodas would return at such a time was more of an eye roll moment than anything else because it’s become standard for this show. Elizabeth always needs saving and Meliodas always comes to save her. It’s becoming a boring pattern really.

At least Meliodas is back now. It’ll be funny to see everyone’s expressions when they make it to Liones. At least now, the showdown between the commandments and the sins can fully begin.


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