Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu ep 23

The fight against the Commandments as is now well under way with Meliodas’ return last episode, Merlin making her return next week and Dreyfus finally being rescued from Fraudrin. A lot of different things happened this episode, making it quite the busy episode. However, for an episode that was essentially the clash between the Commandments and those at the palace, it felt like a mellow episode.

This was the case from the get go. Of course Meliodas overpowered his opponents even if he was fighting both Derieiri and Monspeet. However, it is also at this point that Meliodas’ personality comes into question. There is something off about him but other than that, the fight ended really quickly before the episode switched gears. Considering how strong Meliodas is, that wasn’t a surprise.

It’s the middle section of the episode that didn’t live up for me. Grayroad does manage to capture lots of hostages to convert to his faithful servants but Merlin steps in to stop him. After being gone for so long, Merlin has finally broken Galand’s seal and has returned. She also reveals that she is the daughter of Belialuin. I have no clue that is but considering the Commandments’ reaction, whoever that is must have been a powerful being. Now Merlin overpowered Grayroad as well since his commandment doesn’t work on her but what dragged this section down was the amount of dialogue inserted before Merlin made her appearance. Sure, an explanation was needed for what Grayroad was doing with his captors but did it have to be that long? It felt too dragged out and so did Merlin’s speech. At this point, I’d rather see them fighting than having conversations like they’re friendly rivals or something.

At least the fight between Fraudrin, Hendrickson and Zaratras fared a bit better. Zaratras’ time in the show was short-lived but in that short time, he showcased what an amazing character he could have been had he been a regular in this show. With the help of Zaratras, they were able to free Dreyfus from Farudrin’s grasp. It’s a shame Gilthunder never got to see his father but at least Dreyfus and Hendrickson did. However, with Fraudrin now expelled from Dreyfus’ body, Fraudrin was free to take on his true form which is quite ugly really. And of course it’s Meliodas who shows up to take him down. They do have a long standing grudge after what happened in Danafor. Still, it’s amazing that Meliodas actually sent his clone. The Meliodas from earlier would not have done that. Instead he would have ruched over himself to take on Fraudrin. Meliodas does make an appearance at the end but Hendrickson and Dreyfus were right to question who that was. Meliodas, with his current power, and especially with the symbol that appears on his face, seems closer to the Meliodas from the flashbacks when he was with the Commandments than the Meliodas, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. I’m guessing something happened down in Purgatory and whilst he didn’t lose his memories of the present or anything, his attitude towards the Commandments and the extent of his power has definitely changed.

I do wonder if we’ll learn exactly what happened in Purgatory but at this stage I doubt it. At least we’ll get to see Meliodas fight Fraudrin and maybe something else. Still considering this season is 24 episodes, I’m not sure the whole fight with the Commandments will end next week so it will be interesting to see where this season ends.


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