Spring 2018 – Weekly Roundup: Week 13

Hi guys! So I know this is technically the first week of the summer season but I have 3 shows from the spring season that ended in the last week and the summer shows I’m watching haven’t aired yet save one. So, I thought might as well make this a week 13 and put the last spring eps round up here instead of doing a two weeks one like last time.


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss cover

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss! – ep 12

This show saved the cringiest stuff it had to offer for the end with those costume changes and that long song in the middle. Honya Land was saved, Ata got to go to the baths with Kyoutarou and everyone was happy. There isn’t a better note to end this show on than that really.




Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season cover

Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 – ep 13

This was a nice break from all the heavy content really. Seeing everyone’s rooms was interesting but some of them like Midoriya’s were really expected. Though I would love to have seen Bakugo’s room! Oh well maybe next time.




Nanatsu no Taizai Imashime no Fukkatsu cover

Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – ep 24

So the season did end with Fraudrin’s death and a changed Meliodas. It was a satisfying ending so I’m not mad at it but I do want to see the next season soon considering we are in the middle of the fight with the Commandments. I like this Meliodas a lot! Also, does Meliodas love Elizabeth or the goddess that resides within her? Either way, she’s the only thing that I really hated about this season.



Steins Gate 0 cover

Steins;Gate 0 – ep 13

That professor that deals with memories is definitely involved in this mess if Kagari has been brainwashed and I don’t trust the other professor either since it looks like Kagari was used as a test subject for Amadeus. And, it seems like Mozart is becoming a recurring thing since his music is used to alter Kagari’s thoughts. It seems like a state of hypnosis but who knows. And that room Okabe and Moeka found was just creepy.



Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online cover

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – ep 12

This was a neat ending, one that I liked watching even if it was predictable. The way Llenn killed Pito by ripping her throat with her teeth did make me laugh. Never expect a GGO fight to end with guns I guess. But still, it was a good fight to watch and as everyone may have predicted, Pito was Kanzaki Elsa. I’m glad the two finally got to meet in real life!



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