Music Box #38 – Days

Hi guys! This week’s song comes from the ending of Days which is kind of obvious given the title of the song. It’s a nice song and a pretty good ending song for the anime as well since it is about sports and all.

This song is really a summation of what its like to play any sport really, in this case it just so happens to be football, soccer whatever you want to call it since that’s what the anime is about. I’ll call it football since that’s what I’ve always called it. The ‘starting whistle’ is always the most nerve wracking parts but after it comes the ‘shirts sticking to our sticky backs’ and the ‘chill’ from the ‘wind’ as it blows on the field. Even when the players are all tried on the field from running, they never give up until the last minute. Each player has a moment when they’re lost whether that be on the field during a game or at another moment. In the anime, it’s really a mixture of this with each character being ‘lost’ at some point but the ‘single step’ they take ta that moment is ‘still leading’ them ‘toward the future’ that they chose or at least took a step towards. And even if the players are faced with defeat and ‘cried’, they still ‘never gave up’, got back up and continued to play because after all, they’re all ‘chasing an endless dream’. Even if they lose a match, it’s still part of a ‘constant progress’ to become a better player hence such days were never the ‘end’ for them. Really, that’s what ‘Days’ is about. It’s about playing and growing through a sport that the characters love so much. So even if they lose or loose their way, they’ll continue to get back up and face the challenge again and continue to chase that dream of theirs.

That’s my interpretation. What did you guys make of it?

I’ll leave the song here for you to enjoy! 🙂



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