Build Your Own Harem Tag

Took me time to get round to writing this post! Thank you to Mel and TPAB for tagging me and sorry for taking so long to reply to this. Better late than never right?

This looks like a fun tag to do but also a hard one because how do I pick the characters when there are so many that I like?! Dilemma is real but here goes nothing.

Build A Harem Tag.jpg

The Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!


Here comes the attempt at building my own harem!


Childhood Friend



Quiet and reserved. We’d get along like two peas in a pod so we’d make great friends. Not to mention, he is very observant and probably someone who would listen patiently and give the best advice. Not to mention he’d beat the crap out of someone if I needed some help. Nothing harmful about being a bit protective. Also, imagine hugging him! Cold in the summer, hot in the summer. Basically that one friend I run to when I’m either too cold because they’re a walking radiator or I’m too hot because they’re a walking freezer!

Unattainable love interest



He can feast on my soul with those looks of his but I know he is basically unattainable so he’s basically the guy I drool over from a distance and am happy with that. Though, wouldn’t it be fun to put him and Mikoshiba or Izaya in the same room? I’d love to see how that would turn out.




Has a thing for his figurines which is kind of cute and the adorable yet funny habit of spouting the cringiest lines ever and then dying from embarrassment. He is pretty good looking but he is just too adorable with that personality. Makes for a great laugh as well.



Orihara Izaya

Izaya loves humanity in his own twisted way and that’s what I love about him. I’d probably never trust this guy with anything but interesting things always happen with Izaya is close by so life would never be boring. He would give everyone the rounds really but you need drama and I can count on this guy to bring the drama.

Genki boy



He is just a ball of energy that gives it his all when it comes to volleyball. I find his energy to be infectious and his optimism is quite something as well. Though when he gets bummed out or is down, he reminds me of a dog (anyone else?) and I find that really cute!


What a harem! Put all of these guys in the same room and you’ve basically got a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly none of these guys are bookworms like me but it’s cool. I’ll drag each one of them into that world.

Anyways, I feel like by now, everyone’s already done this tag so feel free to ignore this if you’ve already done it.

I look forward to reading your harems if you do choose to do this tag. 🙂 








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