Music Box #39 – I & I

Hi guys! This week’s song comes from the ending of Fune wo Amu. It was such a nice anime to watch and this ending song is quite beautiful as well. 

So whilst Fune wo Amu follows the story of Majime as he joins a dictionary editorial division, learns new things and continues to find his way and grow as a person. Whilst this ending song isn’t about that, it does capture the emotion of his love story that isn’t the central story at all. In fact, Majime’s love is presented pretty awkwardly because of the way he goes about it and it’s never really the focal nor even the sub plot. It’s just there. As he grows and changes occur within and around him, one of the things Majime does is falls in love and gets married to Kaguya. This ending song is about their love. Reading it this way means I’ve given the song a pretty literal meaning about love and acceptance which is just the way I connected with it really.

Towards the end of the anime, there is a time skip where we are shown Kaguya and Majime as married and I think, the song is looking back at their life from such a moment. Kaguya feels Majime is ‘wonderful just the way (you) are’ and to be fair, he probably feels the same way about her since they fell in love with one another through all of their clumsy interactions and all. However, due to the nature of Majime’s job, editing a dictionary and Kaguya learning to become a chef and later opening a store, I imagine their lives to be pretty busy and that they are apart quite a bit during the day. During these times they can ‘just remember… the path (we) travelled together’ and all the things they’ve seen and done together that have become fond memories for them because ‘ever since that day, (I’ve) been in love with you’ and true to the words, Majime and Kaguya had a connection since their first awkward meeting. They may have grown older and learnt new things along the way but, they love one another and vouch to never ‘leave (you) alone’. Their journey led them to becoming ‘I & I’ in that they are both part of another. You know the saying; two halves of one whole? That sort of applies here hence the ‘you & I’ is the same as saying ‘I & I’ in this case. It just goes to shows how well they understand one another and how much they’ve come to love one another through all the time they have spent together.

So yeah, the song looks at the love story that was present in the anime but wasn’t given a lot of focus. I think this is a nice way of showing Majime and Kaguya’s love.

I’ll leave the song here for you guys to enjoy! 🙂







    • Yeah the song is really beautiful! I’m glad you liked it 😊 The anime is quite a nice anime about the process of creating and editing a dictionary and personal growth. I really liked it. 😊

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