Music Box #40 – Watashi no Sekai

Hi guys! This week I went with the ending song from Fuuka. It’s a nice song though the anime left a lot to be desired really. 

For me, the song is Fuuka’s view on how Yuu’s appearance changed her life. Before her meeting with Yuu, Fuuka was lost as to what she wanted to do so in a sense, the ‘shining sky’ was ‘getting dull’ for her but when she met Yuu, his ‘words… started to colour (my) world’ and give her new inspiration as she sought out what she wanted to do. He helped her ‘decide on a wish’ and helped her ‘start running’ towards her goal with him. Hence, he gave her ‘wings’ and hope that together they could ‘fly anywhere’ because along the way, Fuuka fell in love with Yuu (as expected really). It was due to her meeting with Yuu and later her feelings towards him that her ‘heart’ was ‘coloured by’ him and that ‘became painful’ because what Fuuka carried was an unrequited love but still she continued to move forward and ‘face tomorrow’ with Yuu by his side. Of course the anime isn’t that simple with a really random 180 in the middle hence the whole ‘please notice me!’ towards the end of the song but in the end, things ended up alright for Yuu and Fuuka.

So yeah, this is basically another love song but this time about the gratefulness of having the person who influenced you with you, and growing with them whilst they remain in the dark about your feelings.

Well that’s my reading of it. What did you guys make of it?

Enjoy the song! 🙂




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