Summer 2018 – Weekly Roundup: Week 6

Hi guys! We’re half way through the summer season already! 😮 Can’t believe how quickly the weeks are going. It’s become clear at this point where some of these shows sit. Some are awesome, a lot are mediocre and there’s the odd couple that are just plain bad. Good thing most of the ones I’m watching fall into the first two categories this season!



Banana Fish cover

Banana Fish – ep 7

We’re now in LA! Max visits his son and ex because it’s his son’s birthday. That was a sweet touch and I liked Jessica’s character and how she doesn’t take Max’s crap. We also met Yut Lung at the Dawsons’ mansion and he turns out to be the enemy that Ash is right to be wary of. He has Shorter trapped completely with no way out. Shorter is probably going to have to do what that guy says if he doesn’t want his family hurt but that is going to be tough since it means tunring on Ash and kidnapping Eiji, who Ash was convincing to return to Japan so he and Max can return to NY. I doubt any of that is happening since Jessica’s home was attacked and looks like her and her son are in trouble as well.


Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season cover

Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season – ep 19

Round 2 of the exams looks like it’ll be more fun. Finally, the exam is dealing with a situation that requires these students to act like heroes and think like them. Being thoughtful isn’t enough in a rescue situation. Being efficient, taking in the surrounding and the victims condition in all aspects is important so this really delves into a part of the hero world that the show has yet to tackle. Add villains attacking into the mix and the exam just got a lot harder and a lot more real.


Free! Dive to the Future coverFree! Dive to the Future – ep 6

Turns out Hiyori is just as angsty as the rest of the cast and has his own share of problems that started in his youth. Do I like him now? Just a little bit. His unhealthy overprotective behaviour over Ikuya is no good for himself or Ikuya so I wonder where things will go especially since Ikuya lashed out on him. We also learn that Ryuuji is a food blogger which is just ace and that he is also a coach who has taken an interest in Haru and wants him to swim more styles. His question has made Haru realise that there is no reason why he only swims free.


Gintama. Gin no Tamashii-hen 2nd Season cover

Gintama. Gin no Tamashii-hen 2nd Season – ep 7

The fight against Utsuro is rapidly coming to an end but did I catch a KnB reference in there? Leave it to Gintama to pull off that one liner in such a moment! Either way, Utsuro seriously isn’t going down without killing everyone. He is ridiculously strong but it seems like, his time has finally come. The Altana sword may have broken but the crystals are in his bloodstream and Sadaharu has managed to subdue the outpour of Altana so Utsuro can’t use that to heal himself anymore. I wonder how much energy Utsuro has left now.


Grand Blue cover

Grand Blue – ep 6

This was a pretty good episode. I liked the little bits that made up the whole here with the boys trying to cheat their way through their German test only to fail miserably. The pocky game Iori and Kohei played was also funny because the pocky stick they got was way too big so it looked pretty funny and it all ended with a round of drinks which is the usual for this club. However, the funniest bit was how Iori and Kohei, though part of the diving club, know hardly anything about diving, not even the hand signals which they then set out to learn. I like it when the comedy is mixed with the sport the show is about so I really enjoyed that part of the episode.


Hanebado! cover

Hanebado! – ep 8

Hanesaki’s attitude problem is resurfacing with a vengeance. Her mother is going to have hell to pay for this. In other news, Aragaki and Nozomi’s match was a lot of fun to watch. Nozomi’s coach was really annoying and I hated his style so I was glad to see Nozomi stand up to him even if that meant forfeiting the win he had predicted. Of course, Aragaki’s knees are a whole other issue and her match against Hanesaki could be the end all. Still, it will be interesting to see how Hanesaki plays because, whilst we haven’t seen a lot of her matches, they come across as cruel in a sense.


Happy Sugar Life cover

Happy Sugar Life – ep 6

We get more on Asahi’s past and it seems the marriage vows thing sprang from his mother who made the vows to him. We also learn, that his father died and that would have allowed him to reunite with his mother and sister but when he got there, things looked a mess, including his mother and Shio wasn’t there. Things don’t look right here. However, more interestingly, Shoko gathers the courage to ask Satou about what’s going on and whilst Satou tried to let her down gently, in the end she gives in. She wasn’t hostile towards her nor did she give her those psychotic eyes because Satou does view her as a friend but I have to wonder what Satou will actually do. Though, she should be careful because that creep of a teacher is planning to follow her since he believes she killed her own aunt.


Overlord III cover

Overlord III – ep 6

The action for now has moved to the Empire where a magician called Fluder is researching the undead and the Emperor has taken an interest in Ains which is interesting. We learn about what Wrokers are and follow one such group called Foresight who have taken on a job with other Workers to search some ruins found near a village. I’m thinking that’s either Nazarick or the dummy so this will be interesting especially since Momon and Nabe are acting as security for this mission. Whilst this episode was clearly an introduction to the new characters and setting up what is to come, it tied together everything really well, especially the connections between the characters. I’m interested to see what Ains plans to do in the Empire that will help establish Nazarick as a country.


Satsuriku no Tenshi cover

Satsuriku no Tenshi – ep 7

Rachel and Zack are split up this week with Zack being way too injured to move around. This leaves Rachel on her own as she goes to search for some sort of medicine. What she is met with is a sort of hallucinatory smoke and random messages to decipher. After slashing paintings, collecting blood and splashing that blood, she meets Gray, the floor master who is a priest. Him being a priest was pretty obvious considering this floor is a church and all. At least he agrees to help Rachel get the medicine from Danny’s floor whilst giving her tests on the way. I think it’s time we learn exactly what kind of person Rachel truly is and what her past was all about.


Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 cover

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 – ep 5

Leave it to SnK to make a coup look like something so minor. It went smoothly which seems fair considering it was going to succeed but it was interesting to see the way in which Pyxis and Erwin played the government. Plus, we learn a bit more about the Reiss family and things do seem very odd. Historia and Eren are still missing though we learn that Eren in tied up in some sort of cavern. He dreamt of Frieda, Reiss’ eldest daughter which was interesting. I think there’s something going on here that ties Historia and Eren together, something that will hopefully be revealed soon.


Steins Gate 0 cover

Steins;Gate 0 – ep 18

What a piece of crap! Leskinen coming out as the main antagonist was a given but did he really need to be framed as an evil mad scientist? I don’t think so. That just made him feel childish. Kagari’s fight scenes were silly. I mean how did she knock someone’s head off with a chop? Does she have super powered hands or something? Her death was ineffective as well given that we hardly know her as a character to care much for it. And to top it all off, we get another cliff hanger of “Did Mayuri die?”. Honestly, I’m done with this anime. I can’t wait for it to end already.


Tenrou Sirius the Jaeger cover

Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger – ep 6

The vampires have made their move with a full blown attack on the mansion where the Jaegers are staying putting those who live there at risk as well. They attacked in huge numbers so this will be quite the battle. They also killed the bartender dude since their plan is to wipe out the Jaegers. I wonder if their leader will get there on time and if Yuliy will be able to fend off both his brother and Kershner and, save Phillip as well.



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