Summer 2018 – Weekly Roundup: Week 12

Hi guys! The last post for the Summer Weekly Roundups! 😮 It was an interesting season of anime with some good stuff and some not so good stuff. I think overall, the shows I watched were fairly enjoyable. Making the Top 5 list might be a bit of a challenge but it’ll be interesting!


Banana Fish cover

Banana Fish – ep 13

Did not air.






Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season cover

Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season – ep 25

The Big Three were introduced but aside from their personalities, we only got to see Togata’s quirk which is a shame. His quirk was impressive and the way he learnt to use it, all the more so. The fight against him was very one sided which just goes to show how strong it is but I think he and Midoriya will get along really well. Its’ a weird ending because it felt more like an introduction than anything else so ending on this note doesn’t feel right at all. That being said, I’m still excited for season four!


Free! Dive to the Future coverFree! Dive to the Future – ep 12

This kind of annoyed me. It wasn’t a terrible episode. I quite enjoyed it even with the lack of swimming shown. What annoyed me was, the one match I actually did want to see – Rin v Haru in free – we never saw because the show decided to end without showing it to us! That really annoyed me because of how much I was looking forward to it. The rest was fine. None of the races were given a lot of screen time but at least we saw that Haru is hesitant when it comes to his own abilities and does get nervous (who would have thought) resulting in his loss and scream. Hopefully that will propel him forward but I’m still very annoyed. I don’t even care that there’s another season in 2020 (looking forward to that!) unless they show this race.


Gintama. Gin no Tamashii-hen 2nd Season cover

Gintama. Gin no Tamashii-hen 2nd Season – ep 13

Why did I find this episode so funny?! I knew Gintoki and Takasugi returning to Edo wouldn’t go down normally but this was beyond absurd. It was very like Gintoki to get muddled like this and end up meeting the worst women in Edo if you want to keep low. I mean, I feel sorry for Hijikata who has to follow him around but I’m surprised the guy hasn’t burst out laughing yet because that was super funny!



Grand Blue cover

Grand Blue – ep 12

For an ending, this did a pretty good job of combining the drinking and the diving. The diving part of the episode took on the serious note we see at times from this show and it worked here because there was nothing all that funny about diving into the ocean. Instead, the beauty of it came across really well. The second half, with the drinking game, was very much Grand Blue and somehow, I enjoyed seeing them act like that for one last time. It wasn’t exactly funny per se, but it is was the type of comedy and content I’d come to expect from this show.


Hanebado! cover

Hanebado! – ep 13

As far as ending goes, this was alright. I liked the whole black and white slow motion section but I did feel that breathing segment was way too long. I didn’t want to hear two girls breathing with headphones on. It sounded weird. Other than that, everything was solved like a package with the bow and all so yeah, a good episode but I wish everything wasn’t resolved so simply.



Happy Sugar Life cover

Happy Sugar Life – ep 12

What an ending! I guess in the end, after everything, Satou did feel something over Shoko and in the end, she couldn’t run away. Asahi messed up that plan for them pretty badly. I thought it was quite interesting that Shio chose to stay with Satou at the end. I’m unsure as to her age but her mother abandoning her left her with such a big scar that she chose Satou, someone who is willing to do anything for her, over her family, who were willing to give her up for her own happiness. It’s a puzzling one. However, the highlight for me was that though Satou died, she does live on inside Shio. It’s like this messed up form of love just has to be passed on, from aunt to Satou and now, to Shio. I guess she’s no longer the cute little girl Asahi knew.


Overlord III cover

Overlord III – ep 12

Ains proves once again that he is not to be messed with and the Empire would regret going behind his back. They asked him launch his most powerful spell as a signal, which they would use to strategize against him in secret, but Ains goes and fights the whole battle from them, leaving even his allies scared to death. That’s what you get when you tell Ains to launch his most powerful spell but something tells me, he can probably do more than this. This all leads to the climax that I was waiting for where Gazef is standing face to face with Ains, this time as enemies. I’m excited to see how this duel goes because Gazef stands no chance. Also, Ains mentioned that there were four people his demonic sheep couldn’t kill. Gazef and Climb probably make up two, so I wonder who the other two are? Maybe Brain and Renner since Brain has had a confrontation with Shalltear and Renner’s too interesting to drop? Hopefully we’ll find out next week.


Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 cover

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 – ep 11

Did not air.






Steins Gate 0 cover

Steins;Gate 0 – ep 23

Steins;Gate 0 ended with what could have been good but wasn’t. Seeing the rooftop scene again and how things played out this time round was actually not bad even if it did feel repetitive. The thing was, we kind of knew what would happen so it didn’t really add much to it. I did like the call from Mayuri to herself. That was a nice touch and so was her and Suzuha’s acceptance of their fate. The rest of the episode basically contextualised where the story sits in regards to the original which we already knew with the ending showcasing Okabe finding Suzuha and Mayuri. So, not bad ideas but not well done as always.


Tenrou Sirius the Jaeger cover

Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger – ep 12

Not going to lie, I really liked this ending. Even though I knew Yuliy’s brother would die, it was nice to see him deal the final blow to Yev. I guess in the end, he did get his revenge and died content so that was different. The other thing I quite liked was the way the Arc remains a mystery until the very end. Whilst we do learn that it needs a counterpart to work and what can happen if it takes over the vessel, we never actually get to see Yuliy using it for good. We don’t actually know how it works and that mystery is quite nice really. Of course, the hunt for the Arc isn’t over, it’s simply shifted to a hunt for Yuliy but at least, for Yuliy, one journey has come to an end.


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