Seasonal Top 5 – Summer 2018

Hi guys! It’s the end of the summer season and time for me to write up my list of my picks of the top five shows from the summer season. Considering how little I watched, it was quite easy to make this list.


Banana Fish cover1) Banana Fish

This first half has been absolutely amazing. The way the relationship between the characters have developed and the way we were introduced to their pasts and the separate worlds they inhibit was really well done. It’s already pretty tragic but I am looking forward to see where this show goes, both with the feud against the mafia and the relationships the characters have begun to forge.



Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 cover2) Attack on Titan Season 3

The political angle with all its conspiracies works a lot better for this show. Rather than seeing all the fights, I really enjoyed seeing all the plotting and exactly what has been going on within the walls. This is probably the most intriguing Attack on Titan has been since we learnt that there is a secret in Eren’s basement and that is saying something.



Overlord III cover3) Overlord III

This show. I want the next season! This season was quite something with Ains’ kingdom coming into being. Like wow, Ains has become a full-fledged antagonist. I love how this show balances the lighter hearted interactions with the heavy plotting and fighting. It’s such a delight to watch!




Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season cover4) My Hero Academia Season Three

This second cour has been, well, okay. I didn’t dislike it per se but it wasn’t the best either. I can hardly remember what happened in it other than most of Class 1-A passing with their provisional licenses which makes no sense to me. Also, the ending was bizarre considering it wasn’t an ending at all, but rather an odd introduction. Still, a good season that did get me excited for season four.



Happy Sugar Life cover5) Happy Sugar Life

This show was a surprise. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. It left me with a lot to think about in terms of character relationships and the ugly side of love and people in general. A really good anime until the very end.




That’s my top five! What made your top picks?


  1. I’m loving overlord. Remember that group that faced off Ainz?. Well Arche that mage girl, in the web novel she lives with her sisters on the 6th floor. In the LN/manga she gets killed, anime follows this. There is another female character that gets killed in a “humorous way” which fans have given her the nickname; the queen of clubs.

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    • Same here. It’s been an amazing show so far! Oh wow really?! 😱 I guess each version would be different. The queen of clubs sounds like a character I’d want to see!

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  2. Since I just recently typed it up on Derek’s blog:

    1. Hi Score Girl
    2. Planet With
    3. Jashin Chan Dropkick
    4. Asobi Asobase
    5. Kakuriyo Yadomeshi

    From spot (3) onwards, the shows are mostly the ones who didn’t get worse during the season or stayed the same but came with diminishing returns. (Comparing with a list I made over on Irina’s blog around Angels of Death ep6; Jashin chan was 5, Asobi Asobase 7, and Kakuriyo 9 – sometimes shows rise in a top because other plummet past them…)

    (1) is a definite candidate for the year’s top 10, (2) is a very likely candidate, (3) has an outsider’s chance, and (4) and (5) don’t come close. Shall I say this wasn’t my favourite season of the year?

    Not much overlap this season, either: I dropped both Banana Fish and Happy Sugar Life (both because certain elements started to annoy me – I finished worse shows this season), and AoT, MHA, and O3 all are near the bottom of my list (mostly because I’m starting to get bored with them after so many episode – I’m not the most faithful fan in the world…)

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    • Those are all fair points. Sometimes a season of anime just isn’t good so the list ends up including shows that you were able to watch until the end.
      I guess some shows aren’t for everyone and that was the case with Happy Suagr Life and Banana Fish for you. With the others, I sort of get where you’re coming from. It can get boring watching the same cast over and over again.


  3. I agree with your top 2. I left them both off of my own round up of the season because they weren’t finished but they were my two favourite shows to watch last season. That said, of the shows that ended, Cells at Work was the one I most consistently enjoyed.

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    • Makes sense. Both of them have been really solid last season so hopefully we continue to see that in coming episodes, especially with Banana Fish.
      I feel like I seriously missed out there. The pictures and all the reviews made me want to watch it but I never had the time.

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