Music Box #51 – Rain or Shine

Hi guys! For this week I went with the ending song from 91 Days. For the most part, it doesn’t exactly have a lot of lyrics but it is a song that fits the anime really well.

The song really fits the ending of the anime because it is about saying good bye to a friend. I take this as Nero’s good bye to Angelo at the end. ‘Farewell, my friend’ basically sums it up really well because Nero saw Angelo as his friend throughout the show but a ‘cruel fate’ meant they were actually enemies the entire time and because ‘fate is unchanging’, not much could be done about that because their life is one of ‘guns and drink’. To Nero, Angelo basically gave a ‘kiss hidden in betrayal’, pretending to be his ally whilst ruining his family in the background. For the mafia, ‘life is ephemeral’ and that is definitely the case for Angelo who gave up his life for his vengeance and when that was over, so was his life. His was a fleeting existence that left its mark on many people. In the end he was taken by the ‘descending’ ‘veil of night’ and put to ‘sleep’ by Nero. It couldn’t have been anyone else but the one person who regarded him as a friend and who, in the end, Angelo couldn’t bring himself to kill. Fate was definitely cruel to these two who could have been best pals in another time.

The other thing I really about this song is that it feels like a 20th century slow jazz song which works really well with the American mafia setting the show was going for. Plus, it is tinged with sadness just like the show itself and Elisa’s voice does a wonderful job of bringing that out. The lack of lyrics only works to emphasise the melody and emotions within the song and I appreciate the song more because of it. I just think it’s a wonderful song.

So yeah, that’s my reading of the ending of 91 Days. What did you guys think of the song?

I’ll leave it here for you to enjoy!

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