Friday Favourites: Favourite Magicians from Ghibli films – Week 1

Hi guys! It’s October which means Halloween! I wanted to do something Halloween related and my first idea was something else but, in the end, I settled on talking about “magicians from Ghibli films”. I hope you guys enjoy this month’s theme!

This week’s post will be on Ponyo! She’s not a witch per se but her father is a wizard and she did inherit some of the magical powers from her parents and is a magical creature so I say she counts.

Ponyo is cute!  

My initial response to Ponyo was that she’s cute and that she is. Both in her fish form and as a little girl, Ponyo is adorable in every way. The way she reacts towards Kumiko was hilarious but I couldn’t see anything wrong with her reaction. It was a cute kind of jealousy really. Even when she first spoke her and Sosuke’s name, I just found it adorable. Not to mention the way she runs and hugs Sosuke after meeting him in her human form. It just goes to show that she really liked her new human friend and wanted to be with him and do things with him. If that isn’t adorable, I’m not sure what is!


Relationship with Sosuke

Ponyo’s relationship to Sosuke is quite something. We don’t fully get an insight into Ponyo’s thoughts when she first meets Sosuke but from the way she behaves, I think she was quite taken by him from the beginning and Sosuke of course loved his new goldfish who magically healed his wound. He was heartbroken when he lost her and thrilled to see her in human form. Of course it feels very convenient but since the characters are just so adorable, I can forgive that. Seeing how the two of them were to see each other again was really sweet. Sosuke wants to stay with his new friend hence he agrees to look after her no matter what she is. It was an innocent thing to say but that’s what children are; they are much more accepting than adults hence Ponyo was able to become human and find a friend through her relationship with Sosuke.

Ponyo 3.gif


Ponyo’s magic

None of this would have been possible had it not been for the magic residing within Ponyo herself. Initially Ponyo’s magic seems pretty normal since she uses it to give herself hands and legs to be like Sosuke. Her desire to be human allowed her to use her magic. I have to wonder if she knew she had this magic within her or if she learnt of it as she used it. Her raising such a huge storm just to meet Sosuke, howeve, illustrated just how powerful she was and how dangerous this could have been. She literally rode massive waves and fishes to get to Sosuke causing the entire town to be flooded. Her father, Fujimoto knew how dangerous all of this could be but he wasn’t powerful enough to stop her. Of course, Ponyo didn’t mean any harm; she just wanted to be with Sosuke as soon as possible. Plus, every other time she has used her magic, it has been innocent and it never lasts for a very long time because when she falls asleep, he magic is undone. Still, Ponyo’s magic was fun to watch. It’s a shame she loses this after becoming a human. It just goes to show that in order to achieve one’s biggest desire, sometimes, things must be sacrificed to achieve it. It’s a nice lesson tied in with her magic.

Ponyo 5.gif


That’s three of the reasons why I really like Ponyo’s character. She may have not started off as a witch nor ended up as one but being a magical creature in the form of a human who uses magic, I think she passes. Plus, she’s too cute to not include!


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