Friday Favourites: Favourite Magicians from Ghibli films – Week 3

Hi guys! For this week’s post, I’ve decided to talk about Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. These posts wouldn’t be complete without Kiki so here she is.


Kiki is everything a young witch should be. She has her faithful black cat, Jiji, a broomstick and dresses in dark colours save the red bow and bag which help brighten up her appearance. I really like this traditional appearance of witches because it gives off the feeling that they are creatures of the dark. Kiki sets off on her new journey on the night of a full moon which also fits this description. Plus, I’m just a fan of dark colours in general and I really like her appearance. Jiji is just a bonus that completes Kiki’s witch look and I love him! Black cats are pretty cool and Jiji definitely is a cool cat to have.

Kiki 1


Kiki’s Job

Being a witch in training, it could have been easy for Kiki to create medicine or something like that. You know the traditional things we see witches doing. However, instead of doing something like that, she decided to put that broom of hers to use. Aside from flying around, a witch’s broom is just there like a statement piece but, Kiki actually puts hers to use as part of her delivery service. It’s a pretty unique idea that put Kiki right in the middle of the community, a space that traditional witches often avoid. It also shows that Kiki is a hard working witch and wants to give back to the people that have given her a place to stay and help out in any way she can.

Kiki 2


Use of Magic

I’ve already mentioned that Kiki is a hard worker and this also comes through in how much magic she uses which is none. Aside from her ability to fly on a broom, Kiki is just a normal girl. She doesn’t use any magic at all. Even when she loses the black cat toy she is supposed to deliver, she doesn’t use magic to replace it. Instead, when she finds it, she gets it fixed by Ursula and then makes the delivery. It’s surprising that even though she is a witch, she doesn’t do anything that’s witch-like aside from flying. This does make her character more relatable and I quite like the fact that she doesn’t rely on her magic as a way to solve things but works hard and tries to solve everything without it.


That’s three reasons as to why I really like Kiki’s character. She’s an adorable teenage witch who is simply growing up and learning new things as she continues her delivery service. I love how the obstacles she faces are mostly relatable and simply help showcase how hardworking she is.



    • Really?! It’s a nice movie about a young witch. It is a forgettable movie in some ways but I enjoyed it when I watched it and Kiki’s character is quite nice as well. 🙂 Definitely worth the watch if you have the time 🙂

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