Kekkai Sensen – ep 4

Ok, that was too much. There was just one too many things going on here when it came to the plot. It was as if everything just happened all at once, and I almost lost track of everything that happened in this episode. Here goes my attempt at breaking down this episode as best I can.

The episode starts by following the perspective of a character. We don’t know who and I thought that was a nice touch. This person gives Leo a helpful breakdown of the construction of Hellsalem’s Lot. 50% of the population are monsters of some form, 20% are unidentified anathema and 25% are humans, with half of them being mutated in some way or the other to allow them to survive in this crazy place. The last 5% are beings that can’t be detected by normal eyes but may be seen by God’s eyes. When this is said, Leo sees a person with glowing wings.

Vampire 1.jpg

And he thinks it would be a great idea to bring that up at a Libra gathering. This is the first time we get a taste of the size of Libra. So far we’ve only met a few, key people but this was like an entire club filled with members. Leo, not having anything better to say, blurts out what he saw and the whole place is all of a sudden very quiet and very interested. What Leo has seen is a Blood Breed or a vampire and this is super bad. So bad, that Libra have to call the specialist “Lucky Abrams” to take on the case. “Lucky Abrams” is lucky but also deadly. He has been cursed by vampires so many times that the curses keep cancelling each other out, causing destruction to everything around Abrams, but not himself. This leads to some of the best comedy in this episode and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t laughing at each one of them.

So what does Abrams do on arrival? Of course use Leo’s eyes for his own case first which involves the Elder 13. Seriously what else would he be doing? The Elder 13 are the creators of blood breeds and have only ever come into contact with Hellsalem’s Lot once which caused the death of 343 people who were all crushed together to form a giant crucifix as a warning. Talk about bad taste. Abram’s team managed to get a hold of one of the Elder being’s hand which has an iron grasp on a small scrap of paper which may or may not hold the names of the Elder 13. If Abrams can get a hold of these names, then humans would have power over these foes and stop them in their tracks. Leo agrees to read the paper which fries his eyes. Like literally. There were sparks flying. But Abrams thinks now Leo’s eyes have been attuned to finer details and can see far more than usual so off they go to Yggdrashiad Central Station. Now, I have to ask is Abrams supposed to be slightly dense? I mean he doesn’t seem to care or realise how his curse impacts others, which is hilarious, and now he just plans to do something which has clear warning signs all over it! Abrams is either plain dense or he is amazing. I can’t seem to decide where he sits at the moment.

Anyways, back on topic, Abrams tells Leo to gaze into the Near-Nothingness (I love the naming!), where the Elder 13 live. Leo does this and the next second, he is on the floor, blood pouring from his eyes, and things are not looking good because there aren’t just thirteen beings down there, that place is swarming with Elders. That raises the big question; exactly how has the world been safe up until now?

And as if on cue, Klaus gets a call that one Elder and Blood Breed have appeared and are attacking people at the subway. The only agents who can take on these two, K.K and Steven engage in battle until Klaus & co. arrive. K.K and Steven are technically fighting a losing battle since they are outmatched in every way possible. However, the Elder reveals something very interesting. She points out that Steven and K.K fight with their blood that is made to chemically break down the Elder’s blood. However, the process is too slow. By the time their blood breaks down the vampire cells, the cells begin to regenerate. I guess they’re still one step behind huh? But Steven is an optimist. It may take forever, but he believes one day things will be in their favour, questioning what the Elders will do then. And just at that moment the hero arrives and everything happens in a flash. Seriously if you blink, you will miss the action. Klaus jumps in from behind, takes out the Blood Breed (so fast I almost didn’t see it) before startling the Elder by calling her True Name. This causes her to freeze, giving Klaus the opportunity to use his blood and seal her away into some cross shaped thing. She isn’t dead but she is sealed away.

Ok so onto the idea of Libra somehow being connected to the Elders and Blood Breeds. It seems like Libra agents aren’t that different from the Blood Breeds in that both use blood. However, where one uses it for good, the other for evil. The Elder beings created the Blood Breeds to destroy humanity yet, humanity is using a very similar power to fight them. The Elder are the very source and definition of Evil and anything they create (i.e. the Blood Breeds) are therefore, the essence of Evil. Libra have to use their power to fight this Evil. But as this episode showcased, that Evil is too strong and from the looks of things, one step ahead which means all Libra can really do is try to keep this Evil at bay. Defeating them would be a dream but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Vampire 4

Oh, and I can’t forget Leo’s crush and her brother. We finally learn something about them and all I can say is, Leo, beware. It turns out White’s brother is actually a Blood Breed and was the same man who spoke to Leo on the bus at the beginning of the episode. He also happens to have some relationship with Femt as he calls him for a favour which we’ll probably see in the next episode. And I can’t forget his name – King of Despair! If alarm bells weren’t going off before, this should definitely set them off.

Whew! I think that about sums up everything that happened in this episode. I am tired from writing this. It was a lot to take in and this was basically Kekkai Sensen bombarding us with all the important stuff that could have easily spanned a couple of episodes. Having said that, I don’t think I’d have this episode any other way. It’s impressive how through all of this, there were enough jokes put into this, to make the right moments light hearted but keep the intensity right up there throughout the episode.


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