Music Box #55 – Yoru

Hi guys! For this week, I went with the ending song from Akatsuki no Yona. I’d never actually heard this song properly until it came to writing this post but it’s quite a nice song.

Anyways, let’s get to the analysing part.

Initially I thought this song might be from Yona’s perspective but something tells me it’s actually from Hak’s perspective and I like that better so we’ll just go with that. Hak did say that he would ‘support’ Yona, ‘almost arrogantly’ because he believes nobody else can protect her the way he does and so far, he has been doing a pretty good job of it. Hak knows, however, that there will come a time when Yona will ‘throw (him) away’ not as in discard him, but in the sense that she will no longer need him to rely on and always support her hence he wants her to take him ‘seriously more than anything’ whilst he still has the chance. Only problem is, he can’t exactly confess to her because there are one too many obstacles there hence he borrows ‘this place’ in the song to ‘scream “I really do love you”’ something he hasn’t been able to convey in words to Yona. Hak does go the extra mile to show her his love and he would be the kind of person to ensure his hand is ‘hotter than other peoples’’ so that he can keep her warm. Hak would love to find the ‘hidden lies’ in Yona’s words and find her reciprocating his feelings but the ‘truth always flies into the air’ with Yona voicing her true feelings. Still, there is a sliver of hope because the truth ‘can’t overcome the sky’ meaning there’s still a chance for something to change, even if it a small chance. However, the sad thing is, though Hak has such feelings for Yona, he is happy to keep his ‘usual attitude until the end’ so that he can ‘stay as the (me) that you admired’ and so that Yona’s vision of Hak is never ruined.

It’s kind of a sad song because it is about unrequited love but that’s what makes it beautiful as well. One thing I quite liked is that the song is about writing out these emotions in ‘lyrics’ on a ‘page’. It mentions the process of writing out emotions which then form a piece of art and give voice to words that would otherwise not be heard. In that sense, the song provides a way in which closed off emotions can be expressed whilst expressing Hak’s closed off emotions. I think that’s quite brilliant really.

Well those are my views on the song. What do you guys make of the song?

I’ll leave the song here for you to enjoy!




  1. Great song. I haven’t actually seen the anime, but I find it interesting that an anime called Akatsuki no Yona/Yona of the “Dawn” has an ED called Yoru/”Night”. A nice touch!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! I know right?! I guess if I relate it back to the song, it’s because if Yona is the dawn, and the strength that will bring the new day, then Hak is her silent companion always watching over her and protecting her from the shadows. Sort of like the night. Plus, he is stuck in an unrequited love that he keeps hidden so it fits pretty well.
      But it is a nice touch. 🙂


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