Friday Favourites: Favourite Haikyu!! Teams – Week 1

Hi guys! November is here and for this month’s set of posts, I’ve decided to look at my favourite teams from Haikyu!! I was rewatching the show last month and thought might as well since it has such good teams! I am going to exclude Karasuno from that list because they are the main team and I could easily spend a month talking about why I love them!

For today, I’m going to talk about Johzenji, the team that knows how to party and have some fun! We only ever see them play once in the Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs against Karasuno where they lost but it was an amazing match to say the least!

Their energy

One of the things I really liked about Johzenji was there energy. These guys have way too much energy to spare and each of them reminds me of the energy we see in characters like Hinata and Nishinoya. They’re too hyperactive for their own good especially at the beginning of the match. Their energy is kind of contagious and it makes you want to root for them because they seem to be having so much fun with whatever they’re doing. It’s not every day that a team appears where everyone is super hyperactive and simply running around having fun like little kids!

Johzenji 1.png

Unpredictable playstyle

Their unpredictable way of playing keeps both Karasuno and the viewer on edge which actually made the match fun to watch even if we were only seeing them that one time. They are as unorthodox of a team as you can get when it comes to play style. They see a move that they like, they immediately want to try it regardless of the fact that they’re in an official match or that it’s the opponents match point. Even when they receive the ball or are setting up an attack, it becomes unclear as to how they’ll go about it because they’ll do it in a random way with no real structure. This makes they quite an adaptable team as they are willing to do whatever they want to do and they are able to do that because they are a pretty strong team which makes them quite a formidable opponent.

Johzenji 2.gif

Willingness to start anew

The only reason they have become such a team is because they were willing to abandon their previous playstyle and tag line when the new coach came in and decided to build the team from ground up. For teams that are steeped in tradition and have a playstyle, this is a difficult thing to do but Johzenji managed to abandon what it was previously and opt to be this unpredictable team allowing them to shed the burden of “former powerhouse” and start anew, creating a path that suits them. The fact that time is spent telling us this about the team and giving us information only makes the team more likeable. It’s not that they’ll do anything to simply win, but rather, they are willing to do anything as long as it means they’re having fun playing volleyball and there’s no team that does that better than Johzenji.



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