Weekly Reads – Week 14

Hi guys! So I didn’t get a chance to read much this week because I was busy working on my dissertation presentation and the dissertation itself. I’m almost finished with my first draft so now I’ve somehow got the motivation to power through and finish it. Hopefully I’ll have the first draft done by early next week. So yeah, didn’t read much this week at all. I only managed to read one play.


Ghosts and Other Plays by Ibsen coverGhosts by Henrik Ibsen

Since I enjoyed A Doll’s House, I thought I’d give another one of Ibsen’s plays a go and so I read Ghost. I have to say, this was a really good play! I really enjoyed reading it. In some ways it is very similar to A Doll’s house in terms of themes but it’s also very different. To be fair, I do prefer A Doll’s House but this was still an enjoyable read. I can see why this is known as the sister play to A Doll’s House.


Well that’s all I read this week. What did you guys read?  



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