The Entertainer Book Tag

Hi guys! I was tagged for something I have yet to be tagged for and that’s ‘The Entertainer Book Tag’. Neha over at BiblioNyan nominated me so thank you!

From the looks of it, the only rules to this tag are to answer the questions given and write questions for those you tag.

Other than that, there seems to be no rules here which makes quite a chill tag!

the entertainer book tag.png

Okay let’s go!

Neha’s questions:

What is your favourite Autumn routine or practise? (Watching spooky films, reading cosy books, etc.)

Hahaha I don’t have one because that’s the season when I go back to uni and it’s just a time to get back into essay writing and stress really. I hate autumn!

If I was new to your favourite genre (i.e.: historical fiction, science-fiction, romance, horror, etc.), what is one book you would recommend to me to get me started?

Ummm I guess I’d recommend ‘Complete Ghost Stories’ by Dickens. It’s a collection of his ghost stories including some of his funny ones from The Pickwick Papers and his periodicals. I guess if I was to suggest which ones to read, The Signalman and The Ghost and the Lawyer are good places to start because they show a different type of Dickens you might not expect.

What is one thing that brings you joy?

Just one? I have two things that bring me joy which are obviously anime and reading. Don’t tell me to pick between them because that’s torture.

If you could pick one hero from a book and change them into the villain, who would it be?

That’s a hard one. I’m blanking on what I’ve read since all I’ve been reading are classics for the last few months. I guess I’d take John Snow and turn him into the villain since that could be fun.

What are some of your anti-buzzwords? For example, words that you see in a synopsis that will automatically turn you away from the book. (Taking this idea from Bree and changing it up a bit.)

“it wasn’t the same anymore” (of course it’s not going to be the same; your life changes every day!), “love at first sight” (unless it’s a classic) or anything that is similar to these two phrases.

Who is someone that inspires you?

Never thought about this really. I guess everyone around me inspire me in some way or the other. Just goes to show that I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people that I can look up to.


My Questions:

  1. What novel/manga/LN etc. have you read that you think is underrated and needs more love?
  2. Is there an adaptation that you preferred to the source?
  3. Who is your favourite author?
  4. Do you get bored of cliché plots?
  5. How do you judge what to read/watch and what not to?

That’s all from me today! Once again, thank you Neha for tagging me! 🙂 


    • Really? Well he does seem to know more I guess but in the books he’s always come across as one of the better characters. Never watched the tv show so who knows how he is in there.

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      • I only read the books as well… I’m telling you, he’s fooling us all. He’s gonna trick Dany into marriage then usurp Dragons and throne and take out all his frustrations over being a bastard kid and all… Also he’s secret white walkers king. I have Big Plans for him!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hahahaha he’s gonna break his vows and all in the process! 😂 I bet he will be at the centre of whatever the plot is plotting but hopefully it won’t be him getting with Dany because that is too predictable and boring.
          Secret white walkers king I can behind! He does have a white dire wolf at his side and all!
          You do!! Hopefully Martin will deliver! 😮

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