Music Box #56 – Yasashii Kibou

Hi guys! This week’s song is the first opening to Akagami no Shirayuki Hime. It’s definitely worth the watch if you haven’t already.

The song is basically Shirayuki describing her new journey, home and relationship with Zen. Her ‘new beginning was something so unclear’ because when she left home, she truly had no clue where she was going or how things would turn out. It’s always coincidences and fate that lead from one event to another. It was a chance encounter with Zen that set her on her path and yet the words she ‘truly’ wants to tell him ‘become tangled and frayed’ and she can’t say them because she doesn’t completely understand them and nor can she voice them yet. Shirayuki is ‘waiting’ and being guided by herself and others, can’t help but wonder if she’ll ‘reach’ Zen. One thing she does know is that just as she’s ‘smiling today’, Zen will ‘smile tomorrow’ and they’ll always be happy. She is able to step forward ‘with shaky legs’ because Shirayuki believes in herself and knows that there are people out there supporting her. Hence, even if she is nervous or scared, she takes steps forward towards a ‘future’ where they may be ‘no answers’ but she is still determined to keep going. Shirayuki does image herself in the ‘scenery’ that Zen ‘believed in’ for her in that she will find a home and happiness in her new life and work. That is something that she does find though it does come with its fair share of problems from all sides. One thing that she does come to understand though her new life was that her and Zen are ‘constantly drawn to one another’ so in order for them to remain close together, they have to work hard ‘together’ and on their own. That way, they can stay close to each other and reach out to one another.

Well that’s it from me! What do you guys think of the song?

I’ll leave it here for you to enjoy!






  1. I love this opening theme. It has such a distinct beginning and it just fits with the feeling of the anime so well. Just the first few notes get me excited to watch it and I love how it links in the Shirayuki’s character so well. Thanks for sharing.

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