The Real Neat Blog Award

Hi guys! Another award post! This time, Chris voyage over on Galvanic nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award! Thank you for the nomination! 


  1. Display the logo.
  2. Thank the blogger that nominated you and share a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominated 7-10 bloggers.
  5. Ask them 7 questions.

Real Neat Blog Award

Chris Voyage’s Questions:

1) Do you have any writing habits on your blog that bug you and you try to stop doing?

There’s a lot but I think repeating myself and making my work sound like essays are at the top of the list,

2) Is there any particular type of character arc that really appeals to you? (i.e Redemption Arc? Revenge Arc? Romance Arc? Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was? etc.)

I guess tournament arcs especially in sports anime. I’m all for them.

3) What’s a character that you like despite normally being a type of character you really don’t care for?

That’s a hard one since I don’t usually pay attention to this. I guess Chitanda Eru. Somehow her character grew on me even though I hate characters like that.

4) What’s a story you revisit often, just to relax?

Natsume Yuujinchou and Haikyuu in anime. Reading wise, it would probably The Lawyer and the Ghost. It’s short and funny and I love it!

5) What’s a series you think had potential but could’ve used a little more time in the oven?

Oh boy. There’s one too many for this one. First one to pop in my head was Mayoiga. It’s a terrible anime but it did have a somewhat interesting concept.

6) Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do with your blog that you couldn’t/can’t, for whatever reason?

Yeah, write more about literature but for one, I can’t be bothered and two, I only tend to read classics mainly from the Victorian period which would collide with my uni essays and stuff so I don’t bother.

7) How’s your year been, so far? Good, I hope ^_^

Yeah, it’s been pretty good I’d say but also quite hectic.

My nominees:

My questions:

  1. What genre of anime do you tend to watch more of?
  2. Talking of genre, is there a genre you tend to avoid or have not yet dipped into?
  3. Is there a trait in characters that you despise?
  4. What cliché in anime do you enjoy watching?
  5. Is there an anime soundtrack that you really enjoy?
  6. What anime are you enjoying the most right now from the ones you’re watching?
  7. What is your anime guilty pleasure?


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