Friday Favourites: Favourite Christmas Scenes – Week 1

Hi guys! The first week of December is almost over! Of course, for this month I went with the theme of Christmas. Initially I wanted to do Christmas in Shoujo Anime but since I haven’t watched much Shoujo Anime, that was quickly crossed off in favour of the vague title ‘Christmas scenes’. It’s still something but expect more pictures than words I guess.

To kick things off, let’s go with the Kimi no Todoke and the clumsy and awkward couple that is Sawako and Kazehaya!


sawako-1Kazehaya bought her a cute phone strap! Coincidentally she got a phone as a Christmas present so it worked out well. Plus, she was shocked and happy to receive it. It is from the guy she loves and all!



sawako-2So cute! On the first Christmas with who would later be her boyfriend, she added his contact first on her phone even before her parents. That’s fate and just really cute.  



kazehaya-and-sawako-2She gave him the wrong present because her father took Kazehaya’s present unknowingly but he was happy and she was happy so it all worked out in the end. Awwwhhh.



Writing this post has put me in the mood to watch this show. Kazehaya and Sawako are just so awkward and adorable and I absolutely love that! Anyways, that’s week one done! 🙂 




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