Friday Favourites: Favourite Christmas Scenes – Week 4

Hi guys! It’s the last Friday of December! I can’t believe how fast this year has come and gone. Anyways, it’s the last post on Christmas scenes and for this week, I decided to go with Toradora!

I could’ve talked about the full Christmas sequence from Toradora since it is pretty great but instead, I decided to go for the scene where “Santa” visits Taiga because for me, that’s a pretty cute scene! 

Taiga 1 Just look at how happy Taiga looks. She really just wanted to spend Christmas with someone else and she got the chance to do just that.




Taiga 2 Who knew Santa came dressed in a bear outfit. Either way, he liked Taiga’s little tree and that made her super happy. She was like a little child in these scene, getting all excited about the little things. But, that’s what makes it such a great scene.


Taiga 3There’s that happy smile again. Ryuji really gave her the best present by coming to surprise her as Santa even if it was only for a short moment. It made Taiga really happy and she learnt she no longer has to spend Christmas alone because there is someone there that she can cling to.


That’s it! I hope you guys had a great Christmas! 🙂 



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