Friday Favourites: Favourite Characters from Monthly Girls Nozaki kun – Week 1

Hi guys! So I have decided to give my ‘Friday Favourites’ some direction and have decided that this year, I will look at “favourite characters” either from different anime or genres each month. I think that will make it easier for me to decide on a theme each month!

So, this month, I’m going to look at my Favourite Characters from Monthly Girls Nozaki kun! I love the manga and the anime was quite fun to watch as well so this will be a lot of fun!

To kick things off, this week, I’m going to talk about Mikorin aka Mikoshiba!


One of the things I like about Mikorin is his personality. He has no problem spouting some really cheesy lines but it’s the aftermath that’s really funny. The fact that he gets embarrassed immediately is quite funny. So is his desire for attention when Sakura joins the group. I just love how he’s a tsundere in the best way!

mikorin 1 mikorin 5





Inspiration behind Mamiko

I don’t see any other character in this show that would make better inspiration for a lead in a shoujo manga than Mikorin. His personality really works magic for Nozaki who uses him for his inspiration. It’s surprising that Mikorin hasn’t figured it out yet. Still, his outwardly confident and inwardly shy personality really does lend him to make a great shoujo heroine!

mikorin 4


Given Mikorin’s personality, one would think he might be a bit of a playboy but he isn’t. Rather, he’s all about his figurines and games and I love that. Especially the episode where he and Nozaki sit down to play one of his games which somehow results in them making a manga off the helper character in the game. His experience with his games makes him a great observer of love so he knows and understands Sakura’s feelings but somehow this experience of his can’t help him figure out that he’s Mamiko or help in real life situations. Oh well, that’s what makes Mikorin so great!

mikorin 3



  1. I love this anime and manga too! every character is loveable and has some humor aspect one them, it’s hard to decide which one is my favorite the most XD But Mikoshiba is one of character in my top list

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