Friday Favourites: Favourite Characters from Monthly Girls Nozaki kun – Week 2

Hi guys! Here is last Friday’s instalment for my favourite characters from Monthly Girls Nozaki kun! For this week, I’ve decided to go with Seo.


For me, Seo is one of the funniest characters in the show because of her obliviousness. She’s not scared to say what’s on her mind or do whatever she likes. No wonder the sports club recruit her! She’s a great example of how not to play and in a way, that helps boost comradeship in the teams. Plus, she can’t read situations to save her life. She may think she can, but she clearly can’t. I mean if you’re walking through a confession or in front of a camera when people are trying to take a picture, then you can’t really read the atmosphere. It also creates some good quality in the anime because she just acts like herself, offending people left, right and centre which I love!

seo 1


Her being Lorelei doesn’t quite fit her straightforward personality because it feels like she’s hiding something. However, that quality makes her quite an interesting character because it’s ironic. She’s a headache for Wakamatsu but her voice is soothing for him when she is Lorelei. Shame he doesn’t know that. It feels like such a big prank is being played on Wakamatsu but I absolutely love that! It also adds more depth to Seo’s character as she isn’t just an oblivious person who speaks her mind, but she also has this softer side to her and she actually does have talent! She may be bad at team sports but she can sing!

seo 2

Fodder for Nozaki

And all of this means she becomes fodder for Nozaki. If you aren’t fodder for Nozaki, then you haven’t made it. The side story Nozaki creates around Wakamatsu and Seo is just brilliant. I think it’s somewhat better than Mamiko’s story because there’s some depth to it and that story can’t move forward without Seo and Wakamatsu. It literally tells their “love” story but instead of there being a soothing voice, it’s a soothing mail friend. Still, it’s such a fun story and somehow Seo became inspiration for Nozaki which is hilarious! Nobody is safe in this show!

seo 4.gif




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