Weekly Reads – Weeks 24

Hi guys! How long has it been since this post came out time and not after a fortnight or something?! Anyways, this week I read two very different novels, one I liked and one, not so much.

the lonely londoners by sam selvon coverThe Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon

I really enjoyed this one. It was easy to read and whilst there wasn’t much of a story I quite liked the episodic nature of the novel and how each character’s little tale was told. The use of Trinidadian dialect mixed with standard English also helped the flow of the novel and it felt more like I was listening to someone speak than reading something which was quite interesting.



jude the obscure by thomas hardy coverJude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

I am not a fan of Hardy and this time was no exception. The story itself isn’t bad per se but something about the way it’s written and the characters just aren’t to my liking. Especially Sue; her character really annoyed me and it made for an unpleasant read. At least I finished the novel.



    • How is the research going? 😮 It sounds fascinating but boring at the same time (sorry!). Oh wow bread baking! I’ve always wanted to give that a go but sadly, I’m not much of a baker. Think of it as light reading instead of a burden maybe?


      • Oh yes! Research *is* light reading for me. It’s not a burden, it’s a pleasure! But then I’m a bit of a weirdo.

        Both are going well. Well, the research on binding is going well, turning it into practical application not so much.

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        • That’s great! Each to their own right? When I stumble across a fascinating article related to something I’ve read, I read it for fun as well :’)
          That’s good! Sounds tough with the binding 😮 Hopefully the practical will end up going well as well! 🙂

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