Music Box #67 – Love Hime OP

Hi guys! Since Love Hime’s opening song was stuck in my head this week I thought I’d go with that. Only issue is, Love Hime isn’t a real anime but is an anime Onoda watched from Yowamushi Pedal so the song in a sense is pretty meaningless. It is however, a very catchy song with a great rhythm that has helped Onoda become a strong and fast climber and has saved the team in various pinches because it allows them to ride in a way that can’t be disturbed by other cyclists. In order to understand the fun and joy of this song, I’ll leave to clips from the anime below. Even if you haven’t watched the anime, it’ll still be fun to watch, if a little weird. Still, it’ll help explain why the song is significant to the anime but not really worth analysing as the lyrics aren’t as important as the rhythm.

Anyways here you go!

Enjoy the clips!  




  1. That’s a really good song and I love that anime 🙂 going off what I mentioned before, I think it would be really cool to do some .if your interested DM me on Twitter or Instagram 🙂

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