Make It Anime Tag

Hi guys! Another tag post today! This time, Umai Yomu and Merlin nominated me for this tag. Thank you for the nomination and a big thank you to Average Joe Reviews for creating such an awesome tag!

The rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog post.
  • Choose 1 Book, Movie and TV show of your choice that you think could work as an anime. (A series of books or movies is allowed e.g. Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games)
  • If you want to pick more than 1 from each section that’s fine. Or if you can’t think of one for a specific category that’s fine also.
  • Explain why you think your choices could work as an anime. Maybe the advent of animation would enhance it, maybe the different anime genres could help expand and improve the story. Just go crazy with it.
  • Link back to the original post (this post) so I can read people’s suggestions, I’d love to read everyone’s ideas.
  • Include Make it Anime in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily.
  • Nominate around 5-10 bloggers.


Here are my picks.


beowulf coverNot exactly a book as it is an epic poem but Beowulf. It is a pretty long poem and whilst movie adaptations of it do exist, personally I don’t think any of them capture all of Beewolf partly because it is kind of episodic in nature. It can easily be turned into an anime with its fantasy elements since there is a monster, a witch and of course the dragon at the end. Simply put, it would make for a great fantasy with complex characters since the poem does pain Beowulf as more antagonistic at times.


a song of ice and fire coverA Song of Ice and Fire would probably work pretty well as a war anime with fantasy. There’s a lot of action, a lot of characters and a lot of fun stuff going on to keep one hooked so it could be pretty good. If the TV show worked, then the anime definitely could.





mean girls coverI’m literally picking this because I think it would be fun but I want to see what Mean Girls would be like. Personally, I can’t imagine it but who knows it could work.





TV Show:

the inbetweeners coverHere comes another weird week. Again not sure if it would work since it’s pretty good the way it is but The Inbetweeners. It was a good TV show and could work as a comedy.




Okay I tag:


  1. Thanks for the nomination, and I seriously love all of those ideas. Beowulf would be, well, epic! Song of Ice and Fire would probably be not too different from the TV show, but a feast to watch nonetheless. Mean Girls would be…geez, now I really want to see that. Haven’t seen The Inbetweeners, but sounds interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anytime! 🙂 I know right?! Someone should pick up Beowulf because it’s just waiting to be turned into something. True true but as you say we’d all sit own to watch it lol. I just imagine the drama and it makes me laugh. The Inbetweeners is just rude teen humour really. It would need censoring lol.

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