28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 1

Hi guys! Today I kick off the 28 Day Shoujo Challenge! Hopefully this will be fun! 😀

I’ve popped the picture below of all the days on it in case any of you want to join in! You are more than welcome to take up this challenge as well. 🙂

28 Day Shoujo Challenge

Day 1 – First Shoujo anime you watched

The first shoujo I watched was, I believe, Vampire Knight. I don’t even remember the anime all that well since it’s been so long since I watched it. I didn’t even watch the second season so yeah. Having said that, Zero was my husbando back then. I still think he’s pretty damn hot but I’ve gotten over him since I hardly remember the show or what he did except that he looks so good!




  1. I’ve never seen Vampire Knight, although I recognise the pictures when I see them. Maybe one day…

    The question is actually hard to answer when you’ve been watching anime for over fourty years, only heard the term anime about twenty years in, and only learned about shoujo, shounen, etc. some 10 years later.

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    • Fair enough. Yeah, though I’m not sure how good of an anime it is anymore. My memory os so hazy when it comes to Vampire Knight.

      Oh wow that does make it quite difficult for you! 😮


  2. This looks like so much fun! I’ll have to think and maybe do it next year… lol Vampire Knight was one of my favorite series for a very long time. I remember making do my best to do watch both seasons but honestly I don’t remember much about it either!

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        • Oh wow is that because you’ve watched a lot of emotional stuff or just nostalgia?
          Personally it made me realise that though I’ve not watched a lot of shoujo so I can count the ones that I like on my hand lol

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          • Probably a mixture of both. I was a huge fan of shoujo in high school but I haven’t watched an anime for shoujo in probably years. I know I have a good chunk under my belt but maybe more manga then anime.

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            • Ahh fair enough. I’m trying to get myself into reading more shoujo manga. There’s a few I want to read so I’m trying to make time to at least read them one at a time. :’)

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              • Oh god the manga always gets me wrecked so I can never watch it animated >..< There's so many good titles out lately I should get back into it though. I hope you're able to make it through a few titles soon! Which ones caught your eye?

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                • I’m not surprised. Some of the manga’s know how to be really emotional and then seeing that animated is just more tears really.
                  There are! I’m hoping to get some time after my exams in May to just sit and read.
                  Well I’ve been meaning to read Ao Haru Ride and Kimi ni Todoke for the longest time and I’ve also got Kiss Him Not Me, Snow White with the Red Hair and Orange that I really want to read for now. You?

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                  • They really do. I absolutely cried my ass off after finishing ‘Orange’ and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the anime quite yet.
                    Yes! That sounds absolutely lovely!
                    I don’t quite have new titles I want to read but a lot of ones on hold from ages ago that I might just restart lol. I really want to get back into Anonymous Noise, and maybe finish Library Wars finally? So many choices

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                    • I can see why! I’m the same but the opposite. I want to read the manga but haven’t because it’d be too emotional.
                      Ahh fair enough. When there’s so many choices it’s hard to decide where to start lol.
                      I watched Anonymous Noise and was really annoyed by Nino. Nice show but she ruined it so I don’t think I’ll ever read it lol.

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                    • Funny how we’re complete opposites lmao.
                      It’s so true, plus there’s all the recommendations that people have as well. >..<
                      I loved Nino in the manga! I can see that if he voice actress had the wrong voice that she'd probably come off annoying though lol

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                    • Haha yeah.
                      Definitely! I have two lists that a friend gave me and I told her one day I’d get to it but it hasn’t happened yet.
                      Yeah that would make a lot of sense or maybe it’s just me not liking her character lol

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