28 Day Shoujo Challenge – Day 8

Hi guys! Welcome back to my 28 Day Shoujo Challenge!

28 Day Shoujo Challenge

Day 8 – An unpopular ship you support(ed)

Does that even exist?! I don’t think it does. Anyways, I used to ship Obi and Shirayuki does that count? I mean they’re pretty good together. Don’t get me wrong Zen and Shirayuki are the best but Shirayuki and Obi isn’t that bad either.

Shirayuki and Obi



      • no, i liked it but tbh it was also very…tame for my tastes xD like i liked how cute the main couple was but i wasn’t a Huge fan of zen. i just prefer a more dynamic romance and male protagonist?! maybe that’s why i liked this dude more. he was nice but also more engaging? i’m not sure if i’m explaining myself right ^^;;

        then i probably got sucked into another anime xD but i’m hoping to go back and watch it and finish it (one day…)

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        • Ahh faur enough. That makes sense. It is a slow burner where the romance is concerned at least I felt that way. Still, watching the characters grow and the slow but steady growth of love between Zen and Shirayuki was worth it.
          Haha that could be it lol. Definitely worth returning to though. 🙂


  1. Obi and Shirayuki are so cute together but I’m kind of glad that Obi doesn’t seem to want to upset the Zen and Shirayuki dynamic. Still, if Zen wasn’t in the picture I could totally see Obi with Shirayuki.

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    • They are. So true and I kind of feel bad for him because he likes them and doesn’t want to interfere but can’t stop his own feelings.
      Yeah same here. They would work pretty well together.

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