Friday Favourites: Favourite Shoujo Couples – Week 2

Hi guys! For this week’s couple I have decided to go with Misaki and Usui!

They care for one another

One of the things I really like about these two is the amount they care for each other. It’s not something they voice often but they do show it through their actions. Usui is always there to save Misaki and protecting, even if she doesn’t necessarily need it, and he protects her identity as a maid. In her own way, Misaki cares for Usui as well and comes to nurse him when he isn’t feeling well. Now, you wouldn’t go out of your way to do that for someone you didn’t at least care for. It’s these little moments that show their love for another.

Unofficial couple (at least in the anime)

That brings me nicely onto the next point. They aren’t an official couple. Not in the anime anyways. Both realise the complications of their own lives and the secrets that are being kept especially Usui hence they never truly confess to the other. They both realise they have a long way to go before something like that can occur, taking into account what they want for their own lives and where they stand compared to the other. Again, these concerns aren’t exactly voiced but can be seen in how they act around one another. Whilst the kissing scene can be taken as a confession, it is later played off by Usui not that it stops him from being possessive. Still, whilst he hints and his love for her and vice versa, neither actually voice their feelings truthfully.

Usui and Misaki 2

Usui’s teasing

Of course, nothing beats Usui teasing Misaki because it brings out the cute side of Misaki that everyone loves. He knows her so well and knows how to bring that side out especially when she’s at work. It makes her mad, it makes her blush and it makes everyone else, especially her manager squeal in delight. That is only possible because of how well he knows Misaki, something that came to be from his constant observation of her both in school at work. That’s why he said white is the colour that suits Misaki best!


Anyways it’s best to watch the anime to see why they’re so great. I feel like I’ve only glossed the surface since it’s so difficult to put into works what I like about these two. They just have great chemistry. 


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