Weekly Roundup: Winter 2019 – Week 5

Hi guys! The stress from uni is starting to kick in now with my essay questions out and still a lot of reading to do. Hopefully I can keep on top of everything but, at least there were some great episodes to watch this week, especially Mob Psycho! That was amazing! 


Boogiepop wa Warawanai coverBoogiepop and Others – ep 6

This week’s episode was pretty clear to follow even if it was packed with a lot of information from all the characters that have a role in this arc. It was interesting to see the characters interact and confront one another especially Suema witnessing Asuka Jin’s ritual thing and her conversation later on with Orihata. It seems like this Towa Organisation and Asuka’s problem are running parallel so it will be interesting to see where we go. Aside from that, I quite liked the fact that the show was easy to understand this week and I’m beginning to feel like the show is about teenage struggles with identity and accepting who they are which is quite interesting.

Dororo coverDororo – ep 5

A mixed episode for me. The way Hyakkimaru was confronted with sound was interesting and made a lot of sense since he had never heard anything before only to be bombarded with too much of it. It also did a great job at showing that the more he regains, the weaker he becomes. Having said that, whilst Mio’s story was interesting in its own way at showing the horrors of war away from the frontline, it wasn’t exactly a surprise since all the hints were there so the end revelation didn’t work as well. What worked better was Hyakkimaru getting his leg torn off and letting his voice rip for the first time. That demon is the one that’s going to cause them a lot of trouble right now, and the tension brewing in the background regarding his father and brother who could be a bigger threat than anticipated.

Fairy Tail 2018 coverFairy Tail (2018)  – ep 17

Natsu v Zeref is finally happening and it looks like Natsu might actually have the power to bring down Zeref. The fight itself was great to watch and Natsu’s powers were not only shocking to Zeref but also for me since I wasn’t expecting that. I do hope Zeref fights back without a monologue though I am suspecting that for next week. Other than that, I am looking forward to seeing the other teams fight their own enemies as well.


Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki CoverFukigen na Mononokean: Tsuzuki – ep 5

Whilst I love the laidback approach the first season had, I do appreciate this more serious tone as well and this episode did a fantastic job. The Executive has some power and presence. His animal form, as a massive crow, is unpleasant and so is its effect on Ashiya. I do wonder why he hates humans so much but for now, because of him, Ashiya is not allowed to enter the Underworld. Aside from this, Abeno using his powers to stop the Executive was great to see because this is the first time he has used his powers against one of the three ruling yokai’s to protect Ashiya. This also gave Ashiya the idea that maybe he has some powers as well and I find that train of thought intriguing to say the least.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen coverKaguya-sama: Love is War – ep 4

The story flowed from beginning to end! That in itself was different and great. Whilst the first two segments weren’t really funny, they were still fun to watch especially the first one. Both looked quite cute in cat ears and them trying to hide their feelings for the other was quite fun to watch as well. The last section, however, was my favourite. It wasn’t exactly funny but seeing that the headmaster wanted to test Miyuki was great! I didn’t understand any of the French but was glad to see Kaguya step in and protect her crush from all those insults. She really does love him and this was probably one of those times where she acted without wanting anything in return. They genuinely love each other so it was a very sweet moment.

Kakegurui×× coverKakegurui×× – ep 5

Sumika turned out to be the actress that Yumemi looked up to and so starts the next gamble. Whilst Sumika wanted to gamble with Jabami, Yumemi couldn’t stand being pushed aside by Sumika and so she jumped into the gamble suggesting they gamble via performative arts so it’s Jabami and Yumemi v Sumika. I feel like that’s such a bad idea since Sumika is basically a pro as she showed with her singing. I doubt Jabami is going to care what happens as long as she has fun but this can’t be good for Yumemi. We’ll see how this develops next week but as for now, it looks like Yumemi’s plans aren’t working since she and Jabami are losing.

Mob Psycho 100 II coverMob Psycho 100 II  – ep 5

I have nothing to say. Go watch the episode and by stunned to silence by its utter brilliance. Honestly, it’s so far the best episode I’ve watched and I don’t know how the show will top such an amazing episode.



Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru coverRun with the Wind – ep 16

Whilst the ending was unrealistic and kind of predictable, I still really enjoyed this episode. It did a great job at showing the unpleasant side of running. An athlete dropping out, pained expressions on the runners’ faces and Prince throwing up all go to show how running can be quite a difficult sport. It’s not all fun and games and that’s what I liked about this episode. It made their victory feel well earned even if it was highly unrealistic.

Sword Art Online Alicization coverSword Art Online: Alicization – ep 17

Most of this episode concentrated on Alice and Kirito’s climb up the wall which I didn’t mind. It allowed for Alice to be developed as a character and she is unlike other characters that we’ve seen. She is suspicious of Kirito until he points out the benefits of why they should cooperate and never does she back away from what she truly believes in. However, that does not stop her from questioning what should be questioned but instead of listening to Kirito, she’d rather find out for herself and I quite like that about her. It also looks like next week we’ll get to see Eugeo fight a knight on his own and I do wonder how he will fare since that’ll be his first solo fight.

Yakusoku no Neverland coverThe Promised Neverland – ep 5

So whilst Ray was a traitor, he had been setting this up for years. Just how clever is he?! Everyone has been dancing to his tune all so that he could save himself, Norman and Emma. His confrontation with Norman and later telling Emma were both great moments. I don’t know if telling Don and Gilda was a great idea since they are mostly excluded from these conversations. Gilda did help in figuring out that there is a secret room in Mama’s room but Don and Gilda took that matter into their own hands by going to investigate on their own only now they’re at a risk of being caught red handed by whoever is opening the door.





  1. The Morose Mononokean is definitely getting intriguing this season and I must say they’ve kept what I liked about season one and are going further with it so this sequel has so far been stronger. I’m with you in that I found Ashiya’s line of thought toward the end of this episode quite interesting and I really hope they go somewhere with it.

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